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    R129 failed wiper ball joint.

    Anyone had any joy having this replaced or is it a whole new (used) assembly req.
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    R129 halogen headlamp misting

    One headlamp mists, I know the inherent design fault and sealing problems. During the summer it was swimming, like a goldfish bowl🐟 took it off dried it out and resealed it, seemed to work for awhile too. Inevitably with the weather turning, it's just started to mist slightly, managed to sort...
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    R129 front wings

    I just had an "out the blue" speculative call from my local friendly supplier of mb parts today (not main dealer) How much for a pair of wings says I, £807 per side says he. Good job I was sitting down, I didn't get the chance to ask if that Inc VAT!
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    Steering box adjustment R129 320 m104

    Anyone done this? Sounds straightforward but not had a look yet for access. Did it make much difference?
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    R129 SL door lock 1994

    High all, after advice before I set too. My car came with one remote, I had a blank cut several yrs ago, remote stays in the draw and I just manually lock the car. Recently the the key only works one way up in the drivers door, the other (main key with remote) doesn't work att all when used...
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    SL R129 front wings

    Hi long time since my last visit. Does anyone know if pattern front wings are available or is it a dealer only part?
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    R129 new roof

    I've been putting this off for a while, needs doing now. My choices are a) The Hood Guys (Birmingham) b) The SL shop (Stratford upon Avon) Anyone used either, anything to report? TIA Richard
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    SL R129 M104 5 speed holding low gear when cold

    I know it's supposed to to this to warm the cats, but it gets a bit embarrassing. Pull out of the drive, gentle gradient downhill and it holds onto 2nd gear for a couple of hundred meters. The engine feels like it's revving it's nuts off circa 3k @ 30-40mph. It'll then change up and everythings...
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    "The SL Shop" parts

    What do we think of these? I used to think they were a bit overpriced, but looking recently they seem to be reasonable. Are they decent quality?
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    1994 SL320 M104 misfire

    Fine one day, then idle went awol and misfire started, felt like 2 cylinders but may have been one. Total mileage driven with miss about 4 miles. Took car home and left it, whilst errands run in spare car. Several hours later I started it miss still there, I ran a diagnostic blink code...
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    Tappet ticking when cold

    M104 3.2 engine. 120k, 5-40 Triple QX Fine after a few mins when warm, worse in the cold weather. Anything to worry about?
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    R129 rear light lens 94 (95 MY)

    Hi I've damaged my right hand rear light lens in a careless parking maneuver, the shattered bit's are long gone in the bin. I've been trying to buy one from ebay, but struggling to see one the same, they're either the later shape with 3 ribs. The others are early but look more orange around...
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    Rear lap belt wanted R129 or swap 3 point harness

    Hi I'm after a rear lapbelt for an R129 SL in black if anyone has one? I've a 3 point harness in the back on the passenger side (works with child seats) that I'm happy to swap. It looks genuine MB, the fittings match and it uses the original socket.
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    Bulbs for R129 Instrument cluster

    I know the little 1.2w bulb is an R509T. But what number is the bigger bulb for the background illumination? It has a black base 2w and a bit longer (27mm) with a slightly broader base.
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    MB breakers Midlands/Warwickshire

    Looking for a few bits for an R129 SL. Anyone know of a localish (to me) Breakers?
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    R129 duo valve/coolant circulation pump

    Okay so coolant leak from this area, stupid place to put them under the brake servo, can't see properly or work easily down there. I suspected the duo valve, I've had the thing apart in the past, to clean it up when jammed. However I can't see any obvious leak, the coolant circulator...
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    Resonance valve M104 HFM

    I'm carrying out some maintenance and I have removed the resonance valve. 94 SL 3.2 It has a rubber nipple by the electrical connection, that just vents to the atmosphere, when I suck it operates the valve. Is this correct? I can't find a loose vacuum pipe it could connect to.
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    Beer voucher for spring compressor loan

    Hi, Request for help. Anyone in the Midlands with a spring compressor they're prepared to lend me in exchange for some beer vouchers? I'm changing the lower control arms on a "94" SL320 R129 Thanking you all in advance.
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    Are ECP still doing a discount for forum members? I'm after some new front shocks. Thanks
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    SL R129 overfilled engine oil

    1994 M104 I've managed to overfill my engine oil M104 engine by about 1/2 ltr (early 104 engines were 7.5 ltrs I'm guessing this was a later 7ltr capacity) :doh: Should I drain 1/2ltr out? or just let it burn off naturally? I've a long trip to do on Friday
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