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  1. 350cls

    Car dealer jailed Could do without this type of car dealer.
  2. 350cls

    Rust Valley Restorers.

    Rust Valley Restorers, returns for season 4. 24th February 2022 History channel. I can't wait, I watched the first 3 seasons. Great carracters, and there workmanship is to be admired. The cars they work on are fantastic. Looking forward to it.
  3. 350cls

    Headlight restoration W/S211 2004 year

    I thought I would start a new thread. I had a go at restoring the oxidize headlamps on our S211 E320 CDI 2004 model. First off I cleaned the headlamps with water and microfiber clothes and the body work around the lamps. I then attached musking tape around the body work that surrounds the...
  4. 350cls

    Rather flashy W212 6.3.

    Don't think I've seen a W212 pre facelift in this colour before.
  5. 350cls

    Electric Polisher/product recommendations.

    Looking to purchase a decent electric Polisher for DIY use at home for the car. Nothing to expensive, plus some recommendations on products, for cleaning and freshening up the faded highlights on the S211 E320cdi. The highlights lenses have become a little dull since I last cleaned them up by...
  6. 350cls

    E63 caput @ 43k 🙄
  7. 350cls

    Height control sensor for the rear of a s211 e320 CDI.

    As above it appears it's the height control sensor that's at fault causing the rear of our s211 to drop sometimes. The Indy I use has tried numerous mb dealerships but it seems there is a heavy shortage available in the UK and Europe. Could anyone recommend where I could source one maybe a...
  8. 350cls

    Hilux with AMG 6.2 engine and with an auto transmission.

    This one has an auto transmission. The previous had a manual transmission. The backing music is atrocious I have to say 🤦.
  9. 350cls

    S212 E63 6.2

    Someone was after one of these a while back. This looks a clean car. Has most options apart from dynamic active seats, rear heated and front cooled seats. No distronic also...
  10. 350cls

    Old Vs New E63 reviews

    The old skool can never be forgotten. That rawness is to be admired 😁
  11. 350cls

    Sprint boosters?

    I'm interested to know what members opinions are on Sprint Boosters. Do they make a difference to how a throttle pedal reacts, do they cut out any hesitation that a car could have in certain gear box programs? Interested in your thoughts...
  12. 350cls

    Cleaned the 63

  13. 350cls

    MB vehicles that you have purchased that have over exceeded your expectations.

    As the title, MB vehicles that you have purchased that have over exceeded expectations? For any particular reason or multiple reasons. I have owned 3 in my lifetime. But 1 has really become a true favourite.
  14. 350cls

    Near on new tyre that hasn't accumulated many miles needs to be replaced.

    Near on new tyre to be replaced as I have a screw inbeded on the inner shoulder of the tyre. Rather frustrating as the tyre hasn't accumulated many miles at all. Ordered a new one, the cost seems to have risen from when I last purchased a full set for the car. Gone for the same brand as...
  15. 350cls

    S211 bonnet star, are they replaceable?

    As title, can the bonnet star on the s211 be replaced? As it seems some idiot has decided to rip if off our s211's bonnet. It really makes the car look less respectable and not right. I was hoping I could replace the bonnet star. It's a E320 CDI 2004. Thanks
  16. 350cls

    Ambient lighting query.

    So, as far as I know my car has the one colour, "Amber" ambient lighting that I can adjust through the digital cluster, option 1 being dull in colour 5 being the strongest. It's acceptable its not perfect but just acceptable. Looking at my data card my car doesn't seem to list the 877 Ambience...
  17. 350cls

    Really, Bit of a Dog's dinner? I would say 5/6 k over priced...
  18. 350cls

    W212 E63 6.3 original wheel colour?

    Could someone please let me know the exact name/colour of the stock twin 5 spoked forged alloy wheels? Some pictures seem to show two colours some show one colour. I can't correctly work it out. Btw I've had a change of heart and Im nearly sure I'm going with the original stock finish when I...
  19. 350cls

    Transmission software update?

    Does anyone know of what is involved with a transmission software update. How much would it cost " ball park" figure would be fine. And is it recommended with the MCT transmission, considering my car was one of the first to have this transmission. Looking over the history an update hasn't been...
  20. 350cls

    Cars that you have owned, and had high hopes for but moved on because you didn't like or get on with, for a particular reason?

    As title, cars that you had high hopes for but didn't really do it for you, and moved on.
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