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    New (to me) E350

    Not the best photo but all I have for now! 2012 E350 Cdi. Panoramic roof, memory seats and really clean in and out. Had an inspection done; slightly corroding brake lines and knackered mountings for height level sensors the only things. Rear suspension has obviously dropped now that I am...
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    S212 rear air suspension

    My new car is doing this! Had a few Mercedes with air suspension so know this is reasonably common. I think it may be level sensors speaking with my Indy. My question is - I am abroad for 3 weeks so not at home to rectify. Will it be ok to leave like this (it won’t be driven) or is there...
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    E350 cdi estate - 2012

    My new car. 2012 E350 CDI from 2012 so the 265hp engine. Nice spec with panoramic roof and electric, memory seats as well as the usual other bits. 109,000 miles with good history and recent gearbox / engine service. I have just had all alloys refurbished and new Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres...
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    [SOLD] E500 for sale (2002)

    Good evening, I have a 2002 (52 plate) W211 E500 saloon for sale. I will post a proper advert as soon as I can but the basis for now. General 2002 / 52 E500 5.0 V8 146,000 miles Blue with cream leather interior. Spec Full electric, memory, heated front seats. Massage function. Sat nav...
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    E500 (388) Estate

    Mercedes E500 Avantgarde Estate Facelift Model 5.5 V8 Tiptronic Auto 2007 This looks great - does anybody have any knowledge of it?
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    M273 v8 - 2009 w211 e500

    Good afternoon, I am looking at a 2009 E500 with the 5.5l M273 in it. I know that some had idler gear issues but it seems to suggest that was only until 2008. It may be that 2009 was the last of the line and actually that is what they meant? Does anybody know if the issue was rectified...
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    S211 E55K AMG Estate

    Good morning, I like the look of this but have never owned an S211 (I had a C320 CDI in the past). I know that 2005 bought about some improvements (radiator, electrics etc) and this seems to have had some work done on suspension. SBC still concerns me but I know that it is not the end...
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    Buying E320 CDI Estate (W211)

    I am trying to buy an estate for around £10k and one of the options is an E320 CDI. I have driven one and like it but there seems to be loads of horror stories surrounding them - I always though MB was all about reliability and build quality. I have found a 2004 model with 1 owner, FSH, 92k...
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