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    Benz On The Green 2020 REGISTRATION OPEN!

    01: BigUn 02: Ringway 03: Charlieturbo31 04: Daveenty 05: C43AMG 06: Doodle 07: jaymanek (mercland) 08: sjmaxwell 09: Andy27168 10: Skd884 11: d w124 12: togthecat 13: sirius9 14: vincethedog 15: Smart320 16: Andrew12 17: Betz 18: Stuart Mathieson 19: Whitenemesis 20: AMGeed 21: NRodrigues 22...
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    uneven tyre wear front and back

    Dropping the front pressure would lead to the edges wearing more than the center. Think about it, the edges of the tread cannot expand much as they are held in place by the sidewall of the tyre. The centre section of the tread can be expanded outwards by additional pressure to the tyre. Also...
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    uneven tyre wear front and back

    You could try a few more PSI in the front tyres to 'push' the middle / centre of the tread out a little more to counter act the wear on the edges. Vehicle geometry can go out quickly so maybe worth a recheck and look for wear in any suspension / steering components. You could ask whoever does...
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    Parking sensor failure or worse?

    Just had similar on mine. It seems on these systems, when a single sensor fails it shuts down the whole system rather than just disregarding that sensors input like other manufacturers systems do. Get the codes read to what sensor(s) it is and replace.
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    Tabac-Original Sonax AMG Mercedes C-Class DTM Tamiya Kit

    Not for me but someone on here will love this Tamiya AMG Kit Tabac-Original Sonax AMG Mercedes C-Class DTM Tamiya Kit | eBay
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    Disappointing service at MB Croydon

    Just throwing this out there....having skim read this thread... I work for another car brand that also has free mapping updates that we carry out upon customers request, they also take several hours to do. The car has to have the engine running so the unit can take the update, no exceptions...
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    Electronics Advice Needed!

    Maybe CB1P12 | Panasonic SPDT PCB Mount Automotive Relay, 12V dc Coil, 40 A | Panasonic If you cant find the exact one and still want to fix it for pennies, then you could use a remote relay off the PCB by running short 'pig tail' wires to it as a last resort.
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    W164 2007 FM Aerial Wiring

    2007 W164 FM aerial questions I am trying to fully understand the diversity aerial set up and booster arrangement on this model and need some help from anyone that has been here before. At the head unit end, my car has three Fakra connectors. Bright yellow, black and blue. Blue is for...
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    How do you View your AMG??

    Love mine, ML63 2007 so the proper 6.2 ltr engine. Dont care about the fuel costs or 12 MPG - It's worth it. Done 4000 miles in 3 months in it now and it still puts a grin on my face every morning when I start it up and drive it to work.
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    Dash cam advice

    Just purchased a Blackvue here, I like it as it's more discreet and does not 'hang down' the screen like others do. Video quality is great, cant fault the unit at all.
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    ML320 W164 Head Unit Upgrads

    Hi, I have fitted an aftermarket unit from eBay, and Android 5.1 Quad Core unit. Seemed ok at first, but when you have to live with it every day it's not so good. Slow to respond to inputs (volume etc) unit all the backend systems are running which takes about 2 mins from turn on. DAB+ is...
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    ML63 - Autotrans jerk / 4 Matic?

    Hi, not that I am aware of. I was thinking of doing it anyway so prob will do it sooner rather than later. Cant see how this would cause the symptom I have tho...
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    ML63 - Autotrans jerk / 4 Matic?

    ML63 (2007) W164 with the M156 Engine and AMG Speedtronic 7G-Tronic Gearbox (4Matic?) Symptom: Cruise control on so steady throttle application (happens without cruise on also), cruising at 70 mph, engine speed 2150 RPM constant with dry smooth motorway conditions. When you come to a...
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    ML300 opinions please

    Get it scanned for any fault codes and have them cleared. If it does it again, get it scanned again. If the same codes are back or did not clear then investigate further. It may have been a 'glitch' and may never happen again. Personally I would not worry until it does it more than once. Good...
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    AMG Engine Quality Control?

    Hello, I find it hard to pass a comment (useful or not) without further information such as the age and mileage of the AMG power plants you are looking at. Do you have some more info?
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    Using sealant to fix a slow tyre leak

    I would not use any sealant personally but as you are selling the car and need a quick fix then why not. I saw this video on Facebook the other day where the sealant was left in and has eaten away at the alloy and made it porous!
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    W164 Fuse board by glovebox

    Hi All, I am stuck with no access to wiring diagrams or even a multimeter, only got internet on the iPhone! The fuse board by the glove box on a W164, fuse board F3? The main power that feeds this board, is it a permanent live or a switched live once the something else powers up...
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    2015 E63 gearbox issues

    Hi, when we get cars in where we cannot reproduce the fault, rather than take the car for a few weeks to drive it loads, we rig up (with the customers consent of course) a dash cam. In this situation, we would want it to have visibility of the dash clocks themselves, maybe a bit of the road to...
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    M156 Engine Cover Clips

    My clips have turned up from the USA and have done the job. I have some spare if anyone needs them. However since needing them, I have replaced the running boards on my W164. The top plastic trim to body on these running boards use the same clip / really similar clips as the engine cover ones...
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    W164 Running Boards in EPC - Where?

    Hi All, In EPC, where do you find 'Running Boards'? The chassis I am looking under has them fitted as standard (ML63 AMG) but in EPC, I can't find them anywhere. Under section 99 Special Internal Fittings, it lists 270 Running Boards and shows a poor quality / low res image but no part...
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