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  1. Rashman

    Run flats or not...

    Hey all, I bought a W205 C-Class amg line last year for a family daily (note the lower case AMG because it’s an imposter - often snarled at by the AMG in the garage). It’s on run flats. Trying to decide what to do when I replace the tyres. I initially thought about staying with run flats...
  2. Rashman

    Late notice bluewater meet sat 2nd

    Hey all, Just to let you know, there is a small number of us meeting at bluewater for a coffee and catch up tonight at around 7.30pm-8.00pm Usual place.
  3. Rashman

    G63 6x6 - go anywhere...

    ..... almost
  4. Rashman

    Rain Rain....

    .... Pi$$ all day, wash the salty $hit away :banana:
  5. Rashman

    Mercedes factory video

    very interesting to watch. Man can be such an idiot in a lot of ways, but then there are videos like this that show that man is also very clever. Quite fascinating to watch the machines at work. One thing I would add though.... The guy at 13:30..... I would sack him. Immediately.
  6. Rashman

    Car tax

    The car tax for my AMG is twice the price of my insurance. Yet, I only do around 3,000 miles a year in it. Bloody jokers. They seriously need to reform how car tax is charged. I was having this conversation with a friend the other day and, while doing some crude maths, we concluded that it...
  7. Rashman

    Finding Merc in the darndest places...

    Went to Romania recently. Spotted this sorry looking bugger... :(
  8. Rashman

    Take note!

    Got side tracked on youtube the other day (as you do) and ended up rifling through videos of dash cam footage. This series of clips show interior and exterior views of vehicles and their occupants at the time of crashes/ impacts. Fines for not wearing seat belts/ using mobile phones etc? Pah...
  9. Rashman

    M156 Head bolts

    So I'm taking my car for a service next week at my dealer. I have spoken to them about the head bolt issue and have asked them to change them while they've got the car. My car is fine and hasn't displayed any of the symptoms associated with the head bolts issues. I am wanting them to change...
  10. Rashman

    2012/2013 Sat Nav disc - CLK (209)

    Perfect condition - genuine disc purchased from dealer. £50
  11. Rashman

    Bluewater meet - bank holiday monday

    Just thought I'd see if anyone is around for a meet tomorrow (BH Monday). I'm thinking bluewater. Looking at afternoon time. Maybe 1pm ish? Weather is looking good for tomorrow but I'll keep an eye on it. :thumb:
  12. Rashman

    To all taxi drivers..

    Spice things up. Interact with your passengers...
  13. Rashman

    Scare Pranks

    Some stupid.. Some properly funny.. and some just plain wrong!
  14. Rashman

    Do you want some?!

    Caution: language
  15. Rashman

    They grow up so fast....
  16. Rashman

    Bluewater - last minute . com

    Going to get the car out tonight. They don't seem to have gritted yet so I'm taking advantage of a dry night before winter kicks in. A couple of guys have already said they'll be keen to meet up. Come along if you don't have much on. I'll run recon in the Alfa before I set off just to...
  17. Rashman

    This weekend (29th/ 30th)

    Looks like there will be brighter, drier and milder weather pushing up from the south east towards the end of the week. If so, I will be looking to get the car out of anyone is interested. Not quite sure when at the moment though as I may have to go for drinks at some point at the weekend...
  18. Rashman

    Tell me again?....

    ... what audience was Mercedes/AMG aiming for with the A45? A nice, white, A45 AMG was parked in our car park yesterday. Belonged to a relative of a new client. Not seen it before. Was expecting some young blood to own it. :rolleyes: I heard it start up from my office. Looked down to the car...
  19. Rashman


    Sunday. Car out. Drive. Possible lunch. Post if keen.
  20. Rashman

    In case you were wondering...

    I'm not one for changing my avatar but I thought I would change it for a brief spell. What you are seeing, is the inside of one of my balls. My left ball, to be precise. Eye ball, you filthy filths. :rolleyes:
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