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    CLK 320 W208 performance / codes

    Hi, So a few months back now I was chasing a gremlin that was causing my car to lose power and then judder heavily at idle. I replaced the MAF, TPS, leads, coils, fuel filter etc to no avail. I visited an independent Merc Specialist twice who charged me an hour labour each time...
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    Mercedes CLK W208 chirping noise from dash when on very bumpy road

    Hi, Now that I have my car running well again I thought I'd address an long standing issue that I've ignored. When travelling over a bumpy road I can hear a chirping / squeaking noise from the central dash area. Has anyone experienced something similar and know what it might be...
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    Ignition coil

    Hi, The picture below is one of the ignition coils that was removed from my W208 CLK 320 as cylinder 6 was throwing a random misfire code. Coil replaced and issue with the car now sorted, I'm wondering however if the blue residue (presumably oxidisation of the copper) could've caused the...
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    Roof rack for convertible

    Although not specifically listed for a convertible, the Saris Superbones 3 bike rack fitted my CLK perfectly. Very sturdy, with built in racket straps and locks. I would definitely recommend it. [/IMG]
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    CLK 320 W208 economy

    Still amazes me [/IMG]
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    CLK 320 W208. Help greatly needed please.

    Hi, I have a 1999 CLK 320 and for the past few months I've been chasing a problem with the car but so far to no avail. Starting to lose my marbles now so I'm really hoping someone can help. On startup the car is fine, however occasionally when exceeding around 4000rpm the car suddenly loses...
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    Window tinting on silver cars

    I'd like to have some subtle tints on my CLK convertible but I'm not sure if tinted windows suit silver cars. When chosen as an option from new they look great but I've seen so many terrible aftermarket efforts. I'd be interested to know your thoughts...or if anyone has any photos even better!
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    468 miles to a tank from a CLK 320 convertible

    Being 200kgs heavier than the coupe I was astonished at the 468 miles achieved on a full tank from my w208 clk 320 convertible which took me from Folkstone to Amsterdam and back without having to re-fuel. If I'd had further to go I think I would've reached 500 but unfortunately the stop start...
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    CLK 320 unknown engine noise

    Hi everyone, I've attached a quick clip of a noise my car makes. The noise seems to be more noticeable from a cold start but is always present. When pulling away slowly from a standing start or under gentle acceleration I can hear a high pitched noise. The car has been to an independent and MB...
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    CL 500 dilemma

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping for some advice if possible.... A colleague of mine has a 1996 CL500 with a smidge over 105k on the clock. The car has just been taxed and MOT'd ready to sell but last week the power steering pump went and needs replacing. The dilemma is that the estimated cost to...
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    'Stealth' subwoofer box for Clk w208 convertible.

    I had a full Alpine system professionally installed last year - it sounds absolutely superb but my only gripe is how ugly the subwoofer looks in the boot. Not only that, it's a pain in the a*se to move the box when I want to put the roof down. Does anyone have a customised subwoofer in their...
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    Clk W208 Tyres

    I need 4 new tyres but would like to fit slightly wider tyres on the rear. I currently have 205/55/16 all round. Would anyone be able to tell me what size will fit on the rear without causing any problems? Thanks Ed
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    Track rod causing steering wheel vibration?

    Went to get my front wheels balanced on the weekend due to a steering wheel wobble between 60 and 80 mph. However, upon further inspection it turns out there is some play in the right near-side wheel. The movement is left to right rather than up and down and I was told I'd need a new track rod...
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    Help needed please. Buying 1983 500 SEC not driven for 8 years.

    Any help with the below would be greatly appreciated. I'm about to buy a 1983 500 SEC that has been sitting for 8 years. Before I jump in two footed I have a few questions; 1). I've heard that you can cause damage by starting the car? Before I turn the key, what needs to be done? 2). Are...
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    Spotted on Piston Heads - W208 320 Convertible

    Nice low mileage, late year CLK. Asking a bit too much? Mercedes-Benz : 2002 320 V6
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    Poor radio reception in CLK w208 convertible

    I don't believe my radio or aerial is faulty, but my radio reception is average at best. Does anyone have the same problem? I've looked into getting a larger aerial however there doesn't appear to be much out there.... Thanks, Ed
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    Batteries for key remote

    Hey I'm new to this forum and as I don't have 30 posts under my belt I can't send the user 'momomo' a PM to buy new batteries for my key remote. Any help appreciated Ed
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    18" AMG Monoblock Alloy Wheels on CLK 320 W208

    Hi Everyone, Firstly, just to introduce myself as I'm new to this site. I'd be really grateful if you could help me with a could of quick questions. I recently bought a 00' reg CLK 320 and now have a set of 18" staggered AMG monoblock alloys that I'd like to fit to the car. 1). Will I...
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