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    Benz on the green favour

    Hi guys if there is anyone heading to Benz on the green from Hertfordshire or surrounding areas or maybe the midlands?? Could I ask a massive favour :D I need something collecting from there? Cheeky I know but I thought it is worth a ask :thumb: Cheers
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    2012 face lift c63 headlight ballast

    As above looking for the ballast or complete light for the passenger side front if possible cheers:thumb:
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    Boosted meet 19th March The guys have put as side some spaces for anyone interested in going to this :thumb:
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    W204 c63 bits

    Hi I'm looking for a saloon c63 drivers side side skirt and a drivers side drl? If anyone can help please?? Even if anyone may know the best place to ask ect would be very much appreciated!! :thumb: Cheers
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    C63 plugs

    Guys I think (not sure if it's just me!) that my car feels a bit rough at low revs? Around the 1500 mark. So was thinking about changing the plugs ect as its due a service soon anyway. Does anyone know the best plugs to use? Part numbers ect or do I use standard MB ones? Cheers for the...
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    Best way to find out car spec

    I'm woundering if there's a easy way to find out the spec of a car as it left the factory?. Sat nav lsd ect?. Web site or similar with using just the reg? Cheers in advance :thumb:
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    Continental 19in tyres

    I have 3x continental tyres 2x 275-30-19 and 1x 245-35-19 all three have done no more than 500 miles with no repairs ect. Located in hitchin herts or Hinckley midlands £300 Ono Any questions message or call 07833 498287 Cheers :thumb:
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    W211 E55k

    For sale E55k My pride and joy is for sale! I don't really want to do this but I am buying another car and cannot have them all unfortunately. This is a 53 plate with 102000 miles full!! And I mean full documented history! There is a build thread on mbclub as well if anybody would like to...
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    E55k to c63

    Thinking of selling my e55 as I've been offered a nice c63. Has anyone done this? Will the c63 keep me happy without spending a fortune to tune it? And do I let my lovely 55 go :dk:
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    Has anybody done Vmax event? Do we do it as a club etc What everybody's exspiriances that has done it?? Cheers for any info :thumb:
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    Amg day

    Gave my 55 some attention today after seeing some of the others at Msl last weekend I need to raise the bar!!!! :thumb:. Been looking for wheels but just can't decide!??? If any of you have any ideas please let me know!!! Here's how it's looking after some love and a new bonnet badge hope you...
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    Eurocharged Watford excellent service

    Been over to Paul and the boys for a service and check up today. And have to say got a excellent service! Everything I asked and was found was explained to me with all the options I had! :thumb: Unfortunately I think they are going to be have some more of my money after a few things we talked...
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    E55k carbonfibre

    Does anybody know the best place to get a carbon rear diffuser for my w211 Amg?? Cheers:thumb:
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    63 rear boxes

    Any body got some c63 or cls63 ect rear boxes they want to sell? Cheers
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    Full black badge set w211 E55

    As above looking for a full set of black badges for my E55 Amg if anyone can help? Cheers:thumb:
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    W211 E55 exhaust

    Right I'm after some advice and thoughts on what people have done to there e55 exhausts?? I have mine booked in to be done and I'm not sure what to do with the rear boxes? I am looking for a bit more sound from the v8!! :D So what have you lot done with yours?? And what do you reckon the best...
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    W211 E55 wheel sizes

    Does any body have any pictures along with specs of wheels they have fitted to there E55's? Does anybody know what size you can put on before you have any rubbing issues? Thanks in advance :thumb:
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    W211 E55-63 bumper

    Sorry if this is a newbie question but I want to change my front bumper on my E55 to the E63. So my questions are 1. What do I need to do the complete conversion ect? 2. Where is best to go to get the parts? Any help is apriciated :thumb:
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    First clean

    Gave my new car its first clean under my ownership. Want to really make it shine!! Any tips would be great? Cheers
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    My E55 after a clean

    Picked this up off of ginge55k and I'm very happy with it so far :D Looking to do a few bits to make it my own any ideas or advice anyone has I'm happy to hear :thumb: Gave it a good clean and fitted a carbon spoiler this weekend let me know what you think :thumb: After a clean
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