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    C63 advice needed

    Hi all I'm just in the process of buying a 204 c63 I've found a nice one which has one owner and just 23000 miles on the clock, it's also at a merc main dealer. However it's just had its front discs and pads replaced!! Seems very early in its life to have had its discs replaced, should I be...
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    C43 Test Drive today

    So while I hunt around for the perfect c63 I thought I'd just try a 2016 C43 today. Just thought I'd try it as it's more economical and 4wd, now car is a lovely place to be in premium plus and literally everything I could want. However when I put the hammer down I must say I was very...
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    Potential C63 owner...does anyone regret buying one

    Hi all, So I'm a newbie here and also new to MB. I have always wanted a C63 since seeing one years ago pull up next to me. looking at the prices for a 2013 coupe I feel that they are a depreciated bargain and now is the time to live the C63 dream! A few things I just want to ask thought...
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