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  1. robert.farmer

    naughty boy

    was a NAUGHTY BOY today, went to see a Mondeo ST24 Estate, very nice, was very tempted but have since been told to stay away from the Ford V6 it is nothing but trouble,never mind will carry on looking. Stick with MERC perhaps.
  2. robert.farmer

    bonnet star

    Third bonnet star gone missing this morning, HAVING A BAD DAY :devil:
  3. robert.farmer


    I insured wifey's car with Morethan on the internet, or so i thought, don't do it on the net it doesn't work, to cut a long story short, she has been driving for 4 weeks with no insurance, they are not at all helpful on the phone either. BE WARNED
  4. robert.farmer

    w124 headlight

    Hi Guys, the chrome reflectors in my headlights are wearing fast and the headlights are quite poor now, have i got to buy the whole light units or can they be obtained seperately, anyone know please. Thanks Rob
  5. robert.farmer


    would anyone know what the little metal looking box behind the servo and below the windscreen is, i'm wondering if there is a chance of water getting on this unit and causing a slight missfire, it only happens after i have washed the windscreen or it is raining. thanks Rob
  6. robert.farmer


    HI all Just had a misfire going up a hill quite slowly,only just made it to the top,so after a few nasty words and some blue air i decided to lift the bonnet and have looksee, nothing hit me in the face so i thought i would have a lok at dist'b cap which was very dirty and only two years old...
  7. robert.farmer


    Anyone know anything about Navtech, i have just acquired it for my handheld to put in the car and i was wondering if any advice was warranted i also have an Arkon unit to put it in, have tried it once and it seems pretty good but then what do i know,a friend of mine has TOMTOM and that seems...
  8. robert.farmer

    Ian B Walker

    Hi Ian did you get my PM just before Xmas, thanks Rob
  9. robert.farmer

    andy k

    [SIZE=5]happy birthday Mate for yesterday, your nearly as old as me, he he hope you had a great day :bannana: :bannana: :bannana:
  10. robert.farmer

    Bonnet star

    Woke up this morning to find my bonnet star was not there, not only that but have acquired three small dents in bonnet very nice of them and they didn't even leave me a bill. :devil: :devil: :devil:
  11. robert.farmer


    Would anyone know how to remove the thermostat from my W124. 200 TE had to break it out over the weekend and just leave the outer flange as it didn't want to be removed. Thanks Rob
  12. robert.farmer

    free window switch

    My window switch has gone and i bought one off Ebay,( wrong one) have had to ORDER one from stealers so if anyone would like a free drivers door window switch let me know just pay postage, whatever that is. The no on switch is 124 820 45 10 which i presume is for a later model than mine.
  13. robert.farmer

    Andy k

    Just got in, too late to ring. Thanks Andy, very much appreciated. All the best Rob and Di :)
  14. robert.farmer


    Hi Guy, Hope you have a Bloody good birthday,all the best Rob
  15. robert.farmer

    Merc swap

    Guess what,,i friend of mine has just swapped his 12 month old SL for a-----------Bentley continenal GT. £120.000. :confused: :confused:
  16. robert.farmer

    steve perry

    Happy birthday Steve,hope the weather in Wales is better than it is in Sussex, hope you have a good one :bannana: :bannana: :bannana:
  17. robert.farmer


    How much is a new clutch going to cost me????
  18. robert.farmer


    Anyone know what has happened to Motard
  19. robert.farmer

    this should be fun

    I know its against the law to use mobile phones when driving,unless you are hands free, but this should be fun.(i know a man in Bexhill who would know what to do ) he he
  20. robert.farmer

    c class estate

    anyone got a c class estate,there's a rear blind on ebay.
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