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    What Mercedes Estate "cheap" runaround to buy?

    Hi all, I'm just selling my 2005 E320cdi Advantgarde Estate. Absolutely love it. Can't fault it. Best car I've ever owned! I'll really miss it! I owned a W210 before this which was brilliant! I'm a wheelchair user and I am looking at a Vito van. Long story! However, this is the...
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    Rear suspension sitting low

    Help! My 2005 E Class 320CDI Advantgarde Estate was being serviced yesterday. It was up on ramps. It didn't return to its normal ride height and is sitting very low at the rear. The front looks slightly higher. I'd guess as the rear is low. Any ideas?? Please don't say expensive!!! Thanks
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    E320 Dash problems and replacement (2005 Advantgarde)

    My clock decided to go backwards yesterday. Then putting it in reverse caused a few other warning lights to come on. Just been chatting to the garage about it. Cutting a long story short the only error code now is the "heater boost". Although there were many, many error codes showing that have...
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    Improving wheelchairs

    Hi All, I regularly post on this site. Saw this thread today and was lost for words. Ok I wasn't as I posted a reply. (Megatrig) I wondered am I being to harsh on uni students and a project?
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    Tryes inflated too?

    As I've got aftermarket staggered 8 X 9inch wheels on the E Class with 235/40 X 18 and 265/35 X 18 can anyone tell me what they think I should up the pressures to as we are off on hols and the car will be packed!! (Even had to get a roofbox) Many thanks
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    Parking Fine - HELP and advice please. Im amazed!!

    Hi All I can't believe the conversation I've just had! In brief I parked in a rush and forgot to put my blue badge on display. I was seeing my consultant at hospital and had a lot on my mind. Ended up with a ticket! Emailed explaining what had happened and heard nothing. Just received a...
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    Interesting BMW

    Aw this and it looks really different. Anyone any insights into would it be a money put or a nightmare? BMW E39 M5 TOURING AUTO # MUST SEE # 540i 535i 530i 528i 525i 530d 525d 330i BMW E39 M5 TOURING AUTO # MUST SEE # 540i 535i 530i 528i 525i 530d 525d 330i
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    For 240Z fans. I always wanted one!

    I happened across this. An interesting story behind 2 great cars.
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    Poppies Arrived today!

    I was really surprised that our poppies from the London installation arrived today. It was interesting opening them as there was mud on them and the stems were muddy too. It must have been a logistical headache but very impressive!
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    London Poppies, Trains, the underground and a wheelchair

    Well just sorted a ticket from B'ham Int to St. Pancras. Realised I need a few more stops on the underground. I have a "day Railcard" so think I can just go the extra few stops! If you know different ...... ??!! These were quite striking photos! Visiting In A Wheelchair To See The...
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    Merc SL129 "sales pitch"

    I was just browsing and saw this. Thought I wonder what it says about it!, 201199570987. Sorry link to follow. So.... Is this true or a great salesman?? (Without a proof reader which always bugs me)
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    AMG steering wheel for extra grip?

    I'm thinking of swopping my "ordinary" steering wheel for an AMG leather steering wheel as I'm thinking it might have better grip? I have limited grip. Well no finger movement as I broke my neck so use the flat of my hand to turn the wheel. Any thoughts on whether this would be an...
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    Alfa Romeo Sprint - £13K

    I stumbled across this by accident. I used to have a Burnt Orange one and loved it. Sadly a rust bucket but wellll.... I sold it for £300. I should have kept it as an investment! Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce Cloverleaf | eBay
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    Wheels Inmotion

    Whilst this was originally about wheel geometry and tyre wear I have posted this under general for another reason. I have always thought that replies to requests for help and advice have always been excellent on this forum hoewever the help I had resolving this particular problem really...
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    Tyres on the Drive

    Well my search for 4 tyres carries on!! Anyone used these? Buy Cheap Tyres Online & Get Tyre Fitting | Tyres On The Drive just about to phone Tony at WIM and go get my car sorted in the week.
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    Continental V Avon

    Anyone who has seen my woes over uneven tyre wear will have picked up I now need 4 new tyres! Not a happy bunny! (may have solved this with a purchase of a fellow MBClub member) Anyway. I have been quoted: REAR CONTINENTAL 265/35 X 18 - £175.66 AVON...
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    E Class with THE highest spec(??) at £6K!

    I was fed up with mine as it came back from a service and decided "right what's on eBay"! MERCEDES E320 CDI AVANTGARDE A Estate 7 seats full mercedes service history | eBay Intriguing!
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    Rusting brake lines

    After the E320 on a 55 plate was serviced yesterday it was showing rusty brake lines on the rear. So a 9 year old car where there is a plastic protection guard underneath. Wouldn't have shown up if the one plastic guard wasn't slightly loose. Normal or should I be disappointed?
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    Uneven wear on tyres

    I'm getting very uneven wear on all four tyres. I had four wheel alignment carried out and that looks fine although I'm going to repeat this. Everything else seems ok. The inner edges are wearing a lot quicker than they should though. I put aftermarket wheels on. 8 and 9 inch staggered...
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    Advicee on laptops please

    Well I have just sent my ACER Travelmate back to ACER after it became a complete nightmare. Now I'm wondering what to replace it with!! Just browsing the net and it's a nightmare. Basically I want to pay £400 --- ish. I'll use it for word processing. Run PhotoShop on it. Play/use the...
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