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    E500 (388) Estate

    As I'm selling my E320 with a spec like this I do wonder if that extra power would be worth it. The E320 has a great pick up for a big estate. Surely if you want to push the limits you buy a slightly different car as a fun day car??
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    E320 cdi sport

    Actually why a saloon?? As you are nearby if you want to see mine you are more than welcome. Personally I like the look and versatility of an Estate. A VERY QUICK PHOTO!!! unwashed after a busy week in the lovely English weather!
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    E320 cdi sport

    How about a 2005 E320cdi Advantgarde Estate? A very, very nice car ..... Really well looked after and definitely not a heap! lol
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    w211 roof bars

    Hi. I have a brand new set that I bought and have never used!
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    E55 saloon or estate

    Hmmmmmm.... Don't suppose a 2005 E320CDI Advantgarde Estate appeals does it? Just about to list mine!
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    What Mercedes Estate "cheap" runaround to buy?

    Thanks everyone! I'm swayed towards a W210 estate because I had one which was fantastic!! Excepyr for ...... Rust!! If this wasn't the Achilles Heel of these cars they would be an all time great!!
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    What Mercedes Estate "cheap" runaround to buy?

    So folks!! No pointers towards anything?? Has to be an estate as wheelchair needs to fit in easily with dogs and assorted "stuff"!!
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    What Mercedes Estate "cheap" runaround to buy?

    No such thing as a silly question! Asked many in my day! To be able to afford a Wheelchair Acessible Van (WAV) I need to have about £4000 as an upfront payment.
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    What Mercedes Estate "cheap" runaround to buy?

    Yes I'm selling my 2005 W211. I'm just writing the add! Crumbs! If I could get a good W211 for under £1000?! Mine is far better than this example! 2005/05 MERCEDES E320 CDI AVANTGARDE | eBay
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    What Mercedes Estate "cheap" runaround to buy?

    Hi all, I'm just selling my 2005 E320cdi Advantgarde Estate. Absolutely love it. Can't fault it. Best car I've ever owned! I'll really miss it! I owned a W210 before this which was brilliant! I'm a wheelchair user and I am looking at a Vito van. Long story! However, this is the...
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    Rear suspension sitting low

    Help! My 2005 E Class 320CDI Advantgarde Estate was being serviced yesterday. It was up on ramps. It didn't return to its normal ride height and is sitting very low at the rear. The front looks slightly higher. I'd guess as the rear is low. Any ideas?? Please don't say expensive!!! Thanks
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    E320 Dash problems and replacement (2005 Advantgarde)

    My clock decided to go backwards yesterday. Then putting it in reverse caused a few other warning lights to come on. Just been chatting to the garage about it. Cutting a long story short the only error code now is the "heater boost". Although there were many, many error codes showing that have...
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    Interesting films to see?

    Kinda hoped that they might have pulled off MM 1 & 2 again!! To much to ask for I guess.
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    s211 e55k Stunning

    I'm tempted!!!!!!
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    Benz On The Green 2015 on May the 16th. MBClub and PCS anual GTG

    Argh.....!!! Sorry to drop out on short notice but I can't make it!! Really gutted!!! Hopefully the reserve list is still creeping up?!?!
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    Farther in laws new purchase :)

    It looks really nice in Red too!
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    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Stuck a roofbox on top of it!!
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    So happy with my first Mercedes I bought another!

    Ditto! Lovely car. Suns coming out tooooo........
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    Improving wheelchairs

    Oh my! I was so fired up I hadn't even Noticed that!! Actually I'm just editing that thread to comment on the wheelchair they have. A uni in America. Michigan State has that?? Even an old second hand one year old chair off eBay would only cost a few dollars. That is part of what I...
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    Improving wheelchairs

    Yes sure. Odd that you can't!!
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