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  1. A1EK

    JL 13tw5 vs W3V3 MicroSub 8" ?

    So UPDATE.... ! As well as my JL 13tw5 V1 Shallow Sub in the trunk, I just bought W3V3 MicroSub 8" 500W Twin to fit behind my seats as I found with the roof down, the bass dropped. I now have a predicament as the W3V3 is unbelievably good, better than the 13tw 5, it hits so hard, deep and...
  2. A1EK

    Additional JL Subwoofer Custom Install + JL Amp + JL Tweeters

    With the limited space in the Mercedes R230 SL I show you how you can keep the maximum space but still add huge bass to your car with the huge 13" JL 13TW 5.3 Shallow mount sub. I explain how the sub produces different bass in different parts of the car and my preference on where best to place...
  3. A1EK

    Snapped Merc SL suspension coil - Options

    Mercedes SL R230 year 2004, 3.7L Hi All My front coilover suspension has snapped about 1 full turn from the bottom and looks as though its been this way for a while judging by the rust on the open end. It was had to spot as the old snapped coil rotation was still there and even the garage...
  4. A1EK

    Replaced Comand Unit Screen NTG2 today.

    Decided to replace my NTG2 Comand screen as the LCD has started to go at one edge. Pretty straight forward and took me less than an hour and cost £40 so to help others and save you money I did a quick vid: Link: Photos show the before and after: End result was better than I thought...
  5. A1EK

    Replaced the NTG2 comand screen today in my SL R230

    Decided to replace my NTG2 Comand screen as the LCD has started to go at one edge. Pretty straight forward and took me less than an hour and cost £40 so to help others and save you money I did a quick vid: Link: Photos show the before and after: End result was better than I thought, the...
  6. A1EK

    Panamericana grille Mercedes SL?

    So Mercedes just announced that the Panamericana Grille will now be their standard on AMG, just seeing anyone has managed to find one for the R230 SL ? Would love to get one. Failing that I may modify another model to make it fit perhaps? Photos of mine currently and the Panamericana Grille I...
  7. A1EK

    SL R230 Front suspension creaking / squeaking, who can help!?

    I have the infamous 'creaking / squeaking' on my nearside front suspension when I go over any bumps. This has come and gone in the passed, but recently has remained for some number of weeks. I have removed the wheel and sprayed every joint and bush that I can access with silicon spray to no...
  8. A1EK

    Recomended car audio installers in Warwickshire or Glasgow?

    Hi Im looking for good recommended car audio installers that can improve my stock system on my SL.
  9. A1EK

    Exhaust Modification with twin electric cut out and quad tips done.

    So I have just carried out a nice little exhaust modification from the stock SL twin oval pipes. I've added a twin electric remote exhaust cut out with deleted rear ovals in place of quad pipes. I wanted to keep the car quiet when on my 6 hour weekly commute, but have some fun when I want! ( I...
  10. A1EK

    DIY alternative front splitters.

    I made a simple lip spoiler from polypropylene to stop it catching on low curbs and for looks ! I then added a rubber trim to finish the look and had it on my car for about 5 years, but the splitter was completely ripped off when we had some flooding back in winter and got washed away sadly. I...
  11. A1EK

    Is muffler delete in the UK allowed and how?

    Hello My rear back exhaust box I notice has a very slight leak at the seam and got me thinking about opening it up and removing the internal mufflers for a better sound as I only have a CLK230 Kompressor but wished I had a deeper roar to my exhaust ! I am in the UK, so does anyone know that if...
  12. A1EK

    Are my Rear Camber values okay?

    Hi Guys I have more wear on the inner edges of my rear tires in recent months then I I have noticed over the years. It may be down to the additional weight of my sub and amp I fitted about 2 years back or possibly the type of tires I have ? The other quite possible reason is just down to worn...
  13. A1EK

    Rear camber bolts help.

    Guys Can anyone tell what the bolts are for reducing the rear camber? I have the 'V-Groove camber bolts on the front, but I would like to reduce the rear negative camber too as I am getting wear on the inside of my rear tyres. Interestingly I have had my car lowered for years and used to get...
  14. A1EK

    Engine Mounts for CLK 230K W208 costs?

    Does anyone know roughly how much the engine mounts are for a CLK 230 Kompressor W208 from the dealer?
  15. A1EK

    Sensor plug wire help to internal light, does anyone know?

    Hi Guys I was trying to find a 12v source at my dome light to plug a dash camera into, rather then feed the wire down the side to the dash. Anyway I have done this now and the dash camera is working great. The problem I have is that when looking at the wires at the dome light, I opened the back...
  16. A1EK

    Timing Chain tensioner

    HI Guys I have 160K miles on my CLK 230 Kompressor W208 chasis and at about 2300rpm I hear a little rattle (regardless of what speed I am doing). I having checked the pulleys and replaced a couple, but the noise is still there. I am thinking it may be a worn timing chain tensioner and the...
  17. A1EK

    Engine light has come, on any ideas?

    Hi Guys My wife has an auto C180, W203 year 2002 and a couple of days ago the yellow engine light came on. The care was sluggish from start and stalled a couple of times, once warm it was okay. Things I have noticed are that over the last couple of months I can smell a slight oily smell...
  18. A1EK

    Sharing a little mile stone...

    Reached 150K, She still feels that she could go a lot more, still drives nice and tight !
  19. A1EK

    Mercedes child seat iso fix help?

    Can anyone tell me if a W203 C Class 2002 year has the isofix seat mount system in the front and back? Also does the car have the baby safe deactivation airbag system? I am thinking of buying a child seat on ebay and want to make sure it will fit? Mercedes Benz Duo Plus Child Toddler Car Seat...
  20. A1EK

    replacing upright window rubber seal on door

    Hi Guys CLK W208 230K 2000 year: My drivers side upright rubber guide inside the door (nearest the hinge side) is worn out and jams the window sometimes so I need to replace it. Can anyone provide a DIY? I think you access it from the top but not sure and also how is the rubber held...
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