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    2008 W204 Tensioner change

    Evening All, I've a 2008 W204 C180K and I'm sure the idler / tensioner of the serpentine belt is the cause of the noise (Like a squeak) from under the hood so I'd like to change it out. Has anyone done it? I'm thinking it should not be a big job as the engine is only 4 cylinders so I should...
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    W124 E220 Head Gasket

    Hello all, I own a W124 E220 Coupe registered in 1996. Currently I am in the process of stripping the engine to replace the head gasket and I am now @ the point of locking the camshafts....... but......everything I've read online states that the camshafts are locked when the crank aligns @...
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    W124; electrical connection behind Headlight Switch

    Hello all, [/IMG] I found this electrical connection point located close to the headlight selector switch on my W124 coupe but I have no idea what itis for or what should be connected to it. If anyone could help; I'd much appreciate it. Thanks, Islanderre
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    W124 Coupe; Seat belt Presenters Trouble Shooting

    Evening All, Trying to get to the bottom of the seat belt presenters not working. Have carried out the following checks: Passenger side seat belt buckle; disconnected the wire under the seat and checked using a multimeter. Belt in: 4.3 Ohms Belt Disconnected: 4.3 Ohms...
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    W124 Coupe, Modules under rear Seats

    Hello All The photo below shows the three electric modules which are located under the rear seats of my w124 coupe. [/IMG] I have figured that the one under the passenger side seat is the module that controls the electric windows. Merc Part # 202 820 09 26 (01) The two modules under the...
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    W124 Coupe; Electric Windows Module

    Hello All, '''''''''''''''First of all let me acknowledge that what I done below was stupid and I know it but the intention was good''''''''. In my wisdom I decided to remove the module under the passenger side rear seat of my W124 Coupe to 'Clean Up' the electric connections / pins. The...
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    96 W124 Coupe; Centre Console removal

    Evening all, I recently purchased a 96 E220 coupe and have it garaged for the winter. So far I've removed the front and rear seats and parts of the centre dash as part of investigating dull / blown bulbs etc. One thing that I cannot figure is how to disconnect the electrical plug that...
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    C180 Coolant Use.

    Drive a 94 C180 manual 150,000 miles with a full service history. Problem is that once a week on average, the coolant light comes on thus requiring the rad to be topped up. Is this normal or am i looking into a head gasket job???? Car is goin brillient otherwise and only major work i've had with...
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