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    W124 Coupe Rear interior light, trunk light and seatbelt presenter dead

    My passenger seat belt presenter, rear interior light and trunk light have all stopped working. They're all on the same fuse but it's fine. Any pointers where to look next? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    W124 E220 down on power, mpg

    Recently acquired a '96 E220 coupe but it is noticeably down on power compared to the one I owned until recently (same age, similar mileage). I'm also getting worse fuel economy - 28mpg if I'm lucky on a motorway run when my previous one would consistently return 30-32mpg. Anything I should I...
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    W124 no power after charging battery

    Hi guys Left my E220 coupe with the interior light on and drained the battery... So I removed it, charged it, put it back in and went to start the car. There was a pop like a fuse blowing and then nothing - completely dead. There's 13.2V at the battery, double checked I hadn't got the polarity...
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    W124 late model coupe rear bumper

    I'm after a decent bumper for my 1996 E220 coupe. Azurite blue would be perfect but I'm sure I can get another colour sprayed to suit. Cheers, Dickie
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    Decent W124 late model coupe bumper

    Does anyone know where I can get a decent rear bumper for my 1996 E220 coupe? I was rear-ended this week and though the garage can repair the current bumper they'd prefer to fit a replacement but they can't seem to find one. Managed to get the third party insurers to agree to pay for the...
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    W124 E220 Loud ticking - worse when hot

    I have an 1995 E220 with the M111 engine, and it has developed a pronounced ticking/tapping noise. It started last autumn and I assumed it was one of the tappets - it is directly linked to engine rpm and seems to be coming from the top of the engine, near the back. I had the headgasket done over...
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    W124 Head Gasket...

    So my '96 E220 coupe is finally demanding I spend a whole wedge of money on it... It has been drinking large quantities of coolant so I took it to a West London specialist and they've diagnosed the CHG. Head will need a skim and it turns out it also needs a new timing chain (it's stretched)...
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    W124 electric mirrors not working

    Hi guys I've just acquired a lovely 1996 W124 E220 coupe, and everything electrical works bar the wing mirrors. I suspected a fuse but according to the manual they use the same fuse (fuse 'B') as the seatbelt butlers and they both work... Checking out the fuse box anyway I couldn't find any...
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    Hi all, I just became the proud owner of my first Mercedes, a 1996 W124 E220 coupe and thought I'd introduce myself, no doubt I'll be looking for help soon! It's Azurite blue with mushroom leather, almost no rust, 120k miles and everything works bar the electric mirrors and passenger vanity...
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