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    Body kit?

    Welcome! As others have said that's a standard SLK. An AMG bodykit is what you're really looking for. However, as others have said, if you go down that route you'd need to look at upgrading the wheels and lowering the suspension to complete the look.
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    Specialist or dealer (Bucks)

    Forgot to include this link in my earlier post. Mercedes-Benz Online Service Booking Application This MB link should give you an indication on costs and quotes from local dealers.
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    Specialist or dealer (Bucks)

    Hi Mike, Hughes of Beaconsfield used to be very good too (although I've not used them for a while now, neither have my parents - as we've all defected to BMW now!). They were family owned, but they are now part of the Vertu Group (same as MB Slough). A little further afield another very good...
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    How's this for a Crimbo prezzie!

    Sounds just like my daughter, bought her plate when she was just a few days old, 5 years to go! She's already thinking about her first car too, and is itching to drive :) Still need to source a plate for my youngest, but she's got even longer to wait (longer for me to save up for it too!).
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    How's this for a Crimbo prezzie!

    That's lovely - she's a lucky girl!
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    Specialist or dealer (Bucks)

    Well said Bobby - sound advice - realistically that's what I'd do in the OP's position given the age and mileage of the car. As you say, at the very least, supplying the correct spec oil yourself can save a decent amount. Full MB history can be worth it's weight in gold should any goodwill...
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    Specialist or dealer (Bucks)

    As others have said, depends where about in Bucks you are. If you're in South Bucks, Wayne Gates in Harrow won't be too far. I've also used Wheels VT in High Wycombe in the past. Finally, Olly at PCS in Horndean is also well worth traveling to.
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    Project C43 W202

    Wow! Congrats Abb, your C43 is truly stunning. Just read the whole thread, what an inspiration especially as you described yourself as being someone that wasn't hands on with this kind of thing to start with.
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    2001 W203 C320 Elegance Saloon (ULEZ exempt!) - £1250

    SOLD! Deposit taken, awaiting collection.
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    2001 W203 C320 Elegance Saloon (ULEZ exempt!) - £1250

    2001 Mercedes C320 Elegance Saloon – on a ‘Y’ plate, recently featured in Mercedes Enthusiast Magazine Introduction This is my W203 C-Class finished in Brilliant Silver Metallic (744) with contrasting black / anthracite leather interior. Powered by the M112 3.2 litre petrol V6 which is mated to...
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    Rear Subframe Cracked

    Awesome result - just goes to show the power of the forum! Wonder how many people have been caught out without the kind of knowledge that we have on here...
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    E500 Estate

    Yes, this is true, it's based on the NOx figure. However the figure they need to comply with is broadly interpreted as a minimum of EURO 4. Absolutely, my 2001 W203 C320 is ULEZ exempt (at present) despite being listed as EURO 3 on the V5C. As above the TFL checker shows that it's exempt. One...
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    Meet “Boris”

    Totally agree, the lighter interior is much nicer!
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    First car change in 15 years

    Sounds like a great buy congratulations!
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    Meet “Boris”

    Awesome motor and a cracking colour combination. As Bobby has said, damn - wish I saw that ad!
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    Me too, we're a little further south, nearer to Denham / Uxbridge :)
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    Congrats on the new acquisition, seems to be a good buy, (I saw the advert before the dealer took the pictures down). Look forward to seeing more photos once you've collected it and cleaned it up. Depending upon where about you are in South Bucks I may see you around...
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    I survived a Keyless relay theft attempt...

    Are you happy with Ghost? I've been toying with the idea of getting it but not sure how much of a faff it is to lice with day to day. I've also thought about the version of tracker with the proximity key card / fob that checks whether the prox tag is present for the car to be driven without...
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    Big dent, scratches and sensor dislocated help needed

    This guy is highly recommended. He's based in Essex from memory but may come as far as Harrow, check out his work on his site and Instagram: London Bumper Repair Ltd Gary (@londonbumperrepair) • Instagram photos and videos My brother-in-law used him for similar...
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    Front bumper advice

    Very true! Also if you did try switching from one to a different style / trim level you're likely to need a new bumper frame and other ancillary parts (mesh / grilles, foglights etc). So easiest to stick to the same trim level and similar age to your current car!
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