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  1. Brian WH

    E Class Recall

    Mercedes Dealership has recalled my E Class. I do not know why although they said it would take 30 minutes and was NOT safety related? :confused: I think it may be this one although my car is July 2010. "Mercedes-Benz has recalled 22,355 C-Class and E-Class cars in the UK due to a...
  2. Brian WH

    Spotted Old MB in London

    This was spotted by the British Museum. A very nice, good condition Merc. Name that car?
  3. Brian WH

    CLS 350 CDI Sport

    Saw the new CLS 350 CDI Sport arriving at the Dealership yesterday ready for Launch on 1st March. Salesman gave me a sneaky preview and I must say the Sport version is fantastic. The front and rear lights are LED and amazing, the interior dashboard display is now in colour which makes it look...
  4. Brian WH

    Side Styling on W212 Sport

    I love my new car but! I cannot get used to the side styling, which looks odd and attracts dirt in the central groove between the change of the angles where the water runs down between the doors. Anyone else have any views on this?
  5. Brian WH

    Glove box Mystery

    In the Glove box of my new E Class I have the following item and I cannot find out what it is for? :dk: The item in the Glove box is shown on the attached photos. Very strange, it seems to cover an opening for something and looks like a locking mechanism? No mention in the manual at all that...
  6. Brian WH

    Brian's W212 - 2010 E350 CDI Sport

    My car is being collected on 26th July from Stuttgart. E350 CDI Sport Colour – Indigolite Blue Metallic Upholstery - Leather Sport Black/White Stitching Options Design Line Sport Upgrade – AMG Styling + Sports Seats + 18in AMG...
  7. Brian WH

    Smooth Scrolling

    I have just had a new Power Supply Pack fitted to my Computer after it's failure. Ever since I have had a strange scrolling effect on "All Programmes" and Internet pages. The mouse scroll is set to three lines on my mouse settings, but it scrolls in "waves" which is most distracting. :eek...
  8. Brian WH

    Audi Eaten by Creeping Bush

    This Audi is slowly being eaten by the Creeping bush. I have been watching it for weeks and it's up into the engine compartment now. It's parked in a private road, so I assume nobody is bothered. The house looks abandoned and is also being engulfed. The For Sale sign is for the next house to it?
  9. Brian WH

    Happy Birthday Purplegoddess

    Happy Birthday :rock::bannana::rock::bannana: Seeing that your "Friends" have forgotten you.:rolleyes:
  10. Brian WH

    The Dreaded Speed Cameras

    This is a picture of English Speed Cameras.:devil::devil:
  11. Brian WH

    I have Ordered a New Car??

    So as not to spoil the "Fine taste in Cars" Thread. I have just ordered a new car. So what have I ordered?:confused: A clue - It is a Mercedes.:D I want you to guess.:dk: a) Class b) Model c) Colour There are at least two people on here who know, so don't spoil it please.
  12. Brian WH

    Warning Sounds

    Today I had to take a parcel, of bottles, to a local office a mile away. As I didn't want to put them on the floor I put them on the passenger seat. Well as you can imagine the seatbelt warning "beep" kept going off every few seconds. I ignored it as the destination was not far. However I had...
  13. Brian WH

    Happy Birthday Alfie

    Happy Birthday Alfie:rock::bannana::rock::bannana: From one Birthday Boy to another.;)
  14. Brian WH

    Police Clamping Car

    The local police have Clamped an old MG which is parked on the Grass verge near me, outside someones house. The Notice says "ROAD TAX OUT OF DATE." Question - As it isn't parked on the road are they right in doing this? The only reason I can see this being right is if the House Owner...
  15. Brian WH

    New Black Wheel Centres on my CLS

    So what do you think of my latest Mod?? Black Wheel centres for a Black CLS.:rock:
  16. Brian WH

    Acer Aspire One A150-Bb Netbook

    Thinking of buying one of these. Anyone any comments or experience with them? I really like the use of XP home and the large memory 1024MB RAM , large Capacity 120GB SATA Hard Disk Drive and the colours.:rock: See here. Acer Aspire One on Amazon
  17. Brian WH

    Happy New Year

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MEMBERS.:rock: :bannana: :rock: :bannana: From the Moderators of May 2009 bring you Health, Wealth and Happiness.:rock: :bannana:
  18. Brian WH

    Self-Dipping Rear View Mirror CLS

    The only thing that really annoys me about my car is the lack of a Self-Dipping rear view mirror. Why one was not fitted as standard I do not know, as my old W211 E class had one.:crazy: It is standard on the CLS 500?? Anyway, question is, can one be fitted and what is the cost of this...
  19. Brian WH

    RECALL E320CDI V6 Engines

    Just had a letter to recall my car. Appears that they are recalling V6 engines, don't know whether it is just the 320 or not. The Crankshaft sensor is the culprit and is to be changed. Recall number P117. Booked mine in next week when a loan car is available.
  20. Brian WH

    Jaymanak's E500

    Jay- that's certainly a mean machine you have there mate. Jay's E500 Have you found out what all the knobs and switches do yet?? Looks like a fighter pilots cockpit to me.:D :D Think we want more technical details from you too eh?;)
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