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    Changing the Antifreeze to Pink

    I used pink oat in my old rover 600 with Honda engine for 8 years, never had an issue, the stuff I have in car now is lime green, met mb specs, I changed when I got car and again 2 years later. I would def check specs with mb for your car I personally think if it meets spec it's ok, what I...
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    Halfords Tool Kits Price Cut

    I have there 1/4 3/8 professional set, not had an issue with them in 15 years, but then I also keep 1/2 drive and 3/4 drive impact sockets and breaker bars for heavy stuff
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    Kwik fit disaster

    I gave up reading lol, I did not know were still people around that have not heard the kwik fit horrors, having owned my car for few years and come across some serious heavy handed, ham fisted repairs, soon became obvious merc needed a more professional approach, not a statement I would ever...
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    A169 2011 a160 handbrake cable

    No probs, def worth checking shoe adjustment, especially if some one has recently changed discs and pads and forgot to set shoes properly, mine were that far out of adjustment travel on my handbrake lever was almost to max Not 100 % sure but think punto are rear drums, Ackass are disc and inner...
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    A169 2011 a160 handbrake cable

    Try hear for part numbers Or hear Then check Ebay, web ect Get quote from hear Or I thought mine...
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    Servicingstop Rip Off

    Seams they quite well know, watchdog, moneysupermarket ect I would be very curious to know what this lifetime's fuel treatment was ? And what precisely garage put in my engine to flush it
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    Safety recall SRPC2044

    I got a letter few days ago for SRPC1932 air bags, I noticed the same clause in my letter, hopefully as my cars old they wont update anything as right now cars running great, i will pop into Mb today and check that they only do air bags
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    AIR FILTER W204 C63

    Pmsl so easy
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    engine heater plug

    Either Or
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    Fitted took about 15 mins for all, hmm as all my seals and channels treated with Gumi or Silicone, I'll have to see how they stick as only 2 clips per window, might need 4 more clips, but will have to wait for real test at speed and when transporting daughters cat, turns into ferrel beast if ya...
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    Missing bulbs

    All fixed, footwell, mirror ect Got 2 new micro switches for sunvisors, could not find part listed for my car, but above works fine If you search can find them for about £4 each. Lol no use for them all , but satisfying to fix for under £10 Tezz
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    AIR FILTER W204 C63

    My apologies I'll stop Soz peeps
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    AIR FILTER W204 C63

    Auto box being g prime example
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    AIR FILTER W204 C63

    Lol defensive are we ?. Pmsl you would have noticed 4 or 5 dots on springs Still it is your right as it an extra on mb service to refuse, it's also your right to buy mb part from mb and fit. Unless I'm mistaken Full mb history shows basics not what extras owner accepted or refused and records...
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    AIR FILTER W204 C63

    So ya got a driver's car ya don't drive that's odd My shopping trolly, I drive shit out off, it's so much fun, hmm till I need another undertray But then to fix mine is fek all, yours needs a re-morgae. Who has more fun, spectators at pub or man on a mission
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    AIR FILTER W204 C63

    Lol depends where you from, youth, face book ect they all want to get noticed. I remember a big delear in Herts always drove a micra, he retired very rich with out a criminal record I guess it's our perception of owners , to me that's a drug dealers car, a few years ago in south London would...
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    AIR FILTER W204 C63

    I keep looking at pic, and no disrespect but to me car sreams drug dealer. But them funkey AMG estates all kitted out black on black look cool
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    AIR FILTER W204 C63

    But I bet good Indi do a better job And regardless where recipes from, changing ya own airfilters and cabin filter that are amoungest the most overlook or bypassed by mb dealers, shows due diligance by owner
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    AIR FILTER W204 C63

    Off topic but to me this is a merc...
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    AIR FILTER W204 C63

    Not a fan, like the wheels tho
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