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    R230 / SL space saving spare wheel kit

    For sale - complete spare wheel kit for R230. I purchased this prior to selling my SL55 and it is in unused condition. The kit comprises a space saving spare wheel, polystyrene insert, holding-down fasteners, and air compressor to inflate the tyre. Very expensive from MB, much better than the...
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    Keyless Go stop/start button problem - R230

    After the installation of VCS (Linguatronic) to my SL I seem to have inherited a problem with my keyless go. The problem may be as a result of something that I have 'done' whilst installing the VCS equipment but I have checked all of my work and cant find anything that may have caused the...
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    Linguatronic module part numbers

    Does anyone (possibly with access to EPC) know the correct part numbers for a 2005 (ie MOST bus) linguatronic module for a R230 SL? Alternatively...... Can anyone confirm that module A203 820 7585 is suitable for this car? Thanks to anyone who may be able to provide this information...
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    Retrofit linguatronic, R230 with MOST

    Does anyone know the part number (and cost) for the wiring harness needed to retrofit linguatronic to 2005 R230 with MOST bus? Thanks for any help! Paul G
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    Harmon Kardon Audio Gateway Module

    Wanted - Harmon Kardon audio gateway module. Good price paid - surely someone must have laid about that they removed to do a Comand upgrade......... Paul G
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    Comand service disc W211589132200

    Please can anyone possibly lend me a copy of this disc? I want to get ETA displayed (I understand that there may be other features or bug-fixes included with this software upgrade, but it's ETA that I really want. I would be quite happy to pay all postage costs plus a nominal 'hire fee'...
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    Comand - APS navigation drive connections

    Hi Does anyone know the part number for the power connector plug to the remote navigation processor used on an SLK Comand-APS. It will be the same as all 'similar' comand APS systems. Alternatively, can anyone provide connection details to the nav unit? I can only presume that there will be...
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    Audi A8

    Sold my Porsche 996 C4 (got an offer that I couldn't refuse) and bought an Audi A8 4.0Tdi. Fabulous car, fabulous performance, fabulous economy. So I decided that I wanted to upgrade the electronics and firmware. Hunted round a few forums, came across a guy in Manchester who specialises in Audi...
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    CLK Cabriolet leather interior

    I have a complete orion grey leather interior (seats and door cards) for sale, this is for a CLK cabriolet. This was removed from a 1999 model, and has no damage other than a 'hole' in one of the rear door cards where the parktronic display was mounted. It is clean and ready to fit. Price is...
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    CLK (and other) DCU (Door control units)

    I have a pair (left and right) of door control units for sale. These are from a 2001 CLK and are in perfect working order. I would expect that the same units are fitted in other models (eg E-class) but cannot be certain. Cost is £30 for the pair. PM me if interested. Paul G
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    722.6 Automatic Transmission

    I have an excellent condition 5-speed tiptronic gearbox for sale, this is from a late 1999 CLK having covered 51k miles. It has the 320 engine bellhousing fitted, but will come with a 230 engine bellhousing and torque converter as part of the deal. Cost is £400 (this is an absolute bargain)...
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    Illuminated sun visors - CLK

    I have a pair of illuminated sun visors for sale, these are from a 2001 CLK and are in excellent condition. They may fit other cars (eg E-class) also - I cannot be sure. This is a nice upgrade, and very easy - it has been featured before on this site. Price is £30 for the pair, plus postage...
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    CLK / E-Class AMG Instrument Cluster

    I have an excellent condition AMG cluster for sale, this is to suit late 1999 to 2004 CLK and E-class models (possibly others if they have the same cluster). The AMG cluster is a nice upgrade, it has 'AMG' text in the centre of the speedo, and it has MPH displayed digitally as one of the...
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    low mileage 320 engine and ancilliaries

    I am selling a complete 320 engine. I bought this from a salvage yard three years ago, it came from a 27k miles write-off 2001 clk. It is a complete engine, ie it comes with: Alternator Power steering pump Air conditioning compressor (poly-vee belt still fitted) Starter motor Water pump...
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    Orion Grey leather interior for CLK Cabriolet

    I am selling a full orion grey leather interior for a W208 CLK cabriolet. This comprises front seats (electric, orthopedic power contour, not heated), rear seats (but not the rear headrests which form part of the roll-over system), front and rear door cards. The near side rear door card has a 1"...
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    CLK / E Class AMG cluster

    I am selling an AMG instrument cluster to suit a facelift W208 CLK or E-class. These clusters are coded by the stealer, this cluster is coded for a 320 CLK with sat nav and telephone both enabled on the in-dash display. The AMG cluster - apart from have the illuminated 'AMG' in the middle of...
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    722.6 tiptronic auto transmission

    I am selling a 722.6 tiptronic auto transmission that has done 57k miles from a late 1990 clk. This gearbox has the 320 engine bellhousing, but I also have a 230 engine bellhousing that would come with the box. I also have a low mileage (40k miles) torque converter to suit the 230 engine (this...
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    722.6 auto box swap today

    Today I fitted a replacement transmission to my W208 CLK 320. The old unit, at 60k miles, was OK, but I could 'hear' the gears until it changed into 5th. This is a common problem with early tiptronic boxes, MB changed the helix angle in 2000 to make the box quieter. I got a low mileage 2001...
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    722.6 transmission

    Does anyone know the difference between the 722.607 and 722.616 transmissions? I have the chance of a cheap low mileage 722.616 transmission (ex clk230) that I would want to fit to my clk320. (The original transmission is a 722.607). Can anyone offer any ideas regarding what the last three...
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    Tomtom Go - permanent install kit

    Has anyone who uses a tomtom go fitted a permanent install kit? I have a TTG700 and have purchased a VIB (radio interface unit) from e-bay. The problem is that my docking station doesn't have the 10-core (?) cable that connects the TTG to the VIB interface. I wouldn't have any problems making up...
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