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    C43 AMG coming up for sale

    It is with a heavy heart that I need to sell my W-reg C43 AMG. I bought her less than two years ago and have done less than 1,000 miles. She’s now done less than 110K. Soon after getting her I had to get a lot of work done and now she is a good sound car. In the time I’ve had her, she’s had...
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    MSL Custom Map

    What ever you end up asking them to do and whatever the price is for it; it'll be worth every penny!
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    New w202 C43 owner potential exhaust replacement

    My 2000 C43 had a rather tatty exhaust, I took it to MSL/Torqueflow in Birmingham last autumn. Imran is the artisan who put me in a new system with front cats deleted, two sports cats in the middle and still used the original back box and tailpipes which were in good nick. Sounds really nice...
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    Battery or alternator

    I'd go for battery (just to be contentious). If the voltage is low at idle but still goes up to 13.5v when running at higher revs, it seems the alternator is doing something. A dying battery may charge up overnight and give all the signs of health, enough to start a time or two, but then not...
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    Vortex exhausts

    Just watched Ed China on Wheeler Dealers, put a Vortex exhaust system on a Cobra replica to good effect. Anyone used this technology on a Merc? Vortex Performance Stainless Steel Exhausts, Catalytic & Silencers
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    Most reliable petrol engines

    Like Vauxhall say there's nothing they can find wrong with spontaneously combusting Zafiras...?
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    Most reliable petrol engines

    M113 (C43) with a knock sensor not working = 200bhp
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    CLS 55 AMG Weight Reduction??? LSD etc

    Losing 100lbs is the same as asking a 7.5 stone passenger to get out. Or if you happen to be 18 stone, getting out yourself and asking me to drive. Or having just a litre of fuel instead of a full tank, etc etc...
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    Increase Speed Limits - Online Petition

    I have a car that will do 155mph (apparently). On any British road this would need a lot of concentration and room. For probably 99% of the time nationwide, there just isn't the room. So I enjoy how quickly it will get to 70 rather than how much it will go over it, and then how relaxed it is at...
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    MSL New Courtesy Car

    I was there Tuesday. Got offered a beach buggy! :D
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    Before and After

    Stealthy is not good if someone pulls out in front of you or crashes into the back of you, or steps off the kerb.. etc. Blackbird jets have very bright lights when they take off or land... I was going to say, 'I love them' just because nobody else had and to just cheer you up a bit. But...
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    ML loss of control in wet?

    I have a very understeery front in the wet on my Jeep. Nowhere near as clever as an ML of course, but the front is fine in the dry. Rear is about normal difference between wet and dry. Front tyres are different to rear. Using four wheel drive helps but only a bit. I may try swapping them around...
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    c43 exhaust

    An OEM one will cost somewhere like £4K? If you're anywhere near the midlands, Imran at MSL Performance /Torqueflow will build you one for half that and it'll sound a lot nicer!
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    A craftsman at work

    It's an iphone and I'm over thirty. I've only just worked out to take pictures and upload them! I could call my daughter though...
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    A craftsman at work

    Imran at MSL/Torqueflow yesterday, making me some new tubery. It sounds very nice, not overly loud, just 'purposeful' and noticeable. Straight tubes from manifolds down and back to the sports cats, straight-through centre box then original back box. Seven hours of work and the welding could have...
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    C43 big engine

    Oh, OK I have quite good notch suspension. Well, after heeding all the above advice and wisdom, I'm leaning towards just plonking in the 5.4 with no more mods than a damn good clean, paint, new plugs etc and probably a remap. Just this very day had an exhaust with sports cats done by Imran at...
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    C43 big engine

    I have top notch suspension (Bilstein and H+R) and there's an LSD to go in in the next few months. I'll have to speak to Crewe Engines to see about a bigger bore.. The cost will be the boring, and then new pistons, rings, bearings, seals etc. I'll do the spannering myself, that's half the fun...
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    C43 big engine

    I have a 5.4 M113.98 (NA) AMG lump on a stand that will, after some refurbishment, eventually go into my C43. Whilst it's not in a car and for the sheer hell of it, I wonder what would be the benefit (or otherwise) of: a) having the flywheel lightened and/or b) taking it out to say, 5.8 litres...
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    W211 E55 AMG front brake discs and pads

    I'd get the binding issue sorted or you'll just end up wearing out your new discs/pads again.
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    106bhp increase on C43

    Well, I got the plenum chamber up just enough to get at the knock sensors and straight away saw that one of the leads was actually broken off! Unplugged them both and pulled the lead out from the back of the engine so I could solder the wires back together. Only snag was when I dropped a...
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