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  1. cooks


    any guys used a tracker in their car and which is recommended
  2. cooks

    A class merc

    my A class washer pump was blocked i cleaned the rubber filter and was ok,but the pump is leaking from one of the sides where they connect to the washer pipe.can some one advice
  3. cooks

    W124 Coupe bITS

    I Have 2 front door panels Mushroom Colour,8 pot wheels with tyres and Rear Electric blind for sale.
  4. cooks

    W124 Coupe E220

    Need to sell my W124 as i dont have the space to keep can anyone help.1995 Coupe,114k,2keys,new barrel,17 AMGs stagered,service history from mercedes 95/2010,air con,sunroof,blue metalic with mushroom enterior,will include rear elec blind,winter steel wheels with tyers,i am second owner had the...
  5. cooks


    Can anyone help how do i accesses the pictures of members posting. they come up with telling me i have to upgrade,do i have to pay for this.
  6. cooks


    Hi i have friend with a CL500 battery is dead and he cant get into the car,only one key..what options does he have.
  7. cooks

    key fob

    I tried to lock the doors and windows with button held down on my key fob but nothing happened,have i knocked the sensor or does the fob need reprogramming.This was working..any advice.
  8. cooks

    W124 Coupe

    looking for front bumper strip for w124
  9. cooks

    W124 front bumper strip

    Looking for front bumper strip for w124 coupe 95..anyone
  10. cooks


    Can anyone give any advice on the Garmin SAT Nav SD Card for the A180.. Its Rather steep at the Dealers.
  11. cooks

    A Class 180 sport

    I went down to Brentford Mercedes Middlesex at 16:00 appointment to pick up my A class 180 sport what a plavor,4 hours and then to find out after going over it there had been previous damage to the car, window door trim out of line, passenger door had a gap at the pillar, the rear quarter paint...
  12. cooks


    Hi Has anyone got a CLC FOR SALE..
  13. cooks

    Aclass SE

    Hi GUYS, Thinking of getting a A Class SE any thoughts on engine as im looking at the petrol one auto, and any other things i should consider thanks.:dk:
  14. cooks

    Vw golf tdi

    Iv been told my gearbox on my VW Golf has gone by VAG,CAN ANYONE RECOMMEND anything or anyone please. Sorry i know this is a Mb Forum.:mad:
  15. cooks

    W124 Rear BUMPER

    Looking for rear bumper complete and front bumper insert.
  16. cooks

    W124 coupe rear diff

    Hi been some time, like some advice or pics on rear Diff on W124 coupe. I believe mine has a slight leak, would appreciat:thumb:e the help.
  17. cooks

    Rear box

    Any ideas on a stainless steel rear box for my W124 COUPE. Would it be a better choice then a normal box.
  18. cooks

    W124 aerial

    anybody help me out with a Aerial for my Coupe.:(
  19. cooks

    W124 window

    My Driver side door window is making Trigger sound as gets to the bottom any suggestions.:dk: W124 Coupe
  20. cooks

    w124 coupe bonnet star

    tried to fit new bonnet star on my W124 coupe with no their any special tool..
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