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  1. David404

    Query on Command Error code

    One for the more technically minded. Apart from recent issues not connecting to my phone (Google Pixel 3) but connecting to both wife's Pixel 2 and an old iPhone the Command unit has shown no issues or errors in everyday operation. I seem to have fixed the issue connecting to my phone by...
  2. David404

    Mercedes Me App

    Hi All Anybody else having issues with Mercedes me app on Android. Mine has forgotten about my current car, not showing up on dashboard at all.
  3. David404

    GLE350d (W166 - 2016my) - Internet connection/Internet radio

    Vehicle as above, query on internet connection and internet radio, sorry it's a long post. I've tried two phones: * Google Pixel 3 - Android 10 - April 2020 security update * iPhone 5 iOS - 10.3.4 - this being the most recent for the iPhone 5 * Also connected the car to the home internet...
  4. David404

    Wheel cleaner

    Looking for recommendations for wheel cleaners, the inner wheel well on my GLE are BLACK looks like previous owner never cleaned them. Gave good scrubb with shampoo & nylon brush, shifted perhaps 60 % of the crap. Thinking it's going to need product but something that's not going to strip any...
  5. David404

    GLE350d (W166 - 2016) Apple CarPlay

    Am playing with iPhone 5c (iOS 10.3.3), it connects and works fine but when connected and active none of the other infotainment systems/functions are accessable ie I can't play a podcast from the iPhone & run cars satnav. My question : Is this normal, do more recent versions of the iPhone/iOS...
  6. David404

    Mercedes phone holder (B6 787 5864) & Nokia 6020.

    Genuine Mercedes-Benz phone holder/adapter (part number B6 787 5864) and an unlocked Nokia 6020 (the holder also fits a Nokia 6021) from my old 2009 E320 (W211) for sale. Holder/adapter in great condition, phone somewhat scruffy but this setup worked perfectly in my old W211 for the 3.5 years I...
  7. David404

    2016 GLE350d - AdBlue

    Hi folks Interested in experiences - how many miles are you getting from tank of AdBlue? Are you buying off MB dealer or using stuff from regular filling station?
  8. David404

    2016 GLE350d

    New vehicle for me, first with stop/start so.... I assume there are 2 batteries I believe one (main) is in floor under drivers seat but where is the other? Haven't lifted inspection flap for main battery yet but I believe it's an AGM can anybody confirm this please? I assume if one battery is...
  9. David404

    2016 GLE350d - UK Sales brochure

    Does anybody have an electronic copy or download link for a 2016 GLE350d UK sales brochure.
  10. David404

    Stop/Start Button

    Hi All Just got GLE350 (W166 - 2016 car) which has stop/start and keyless entry which for security I'm not wild about. I've removed the stop/start button from the ignition slot so I use the key in the conventional way. The query - are the stop/start buttons link a key, are they unique to a...
  11. David404

    2016 GLE350 - SatNav

    Hi all As above 2016 GLE350 with Sat Nav. How do I check map version/date installed and what's the most recent version/date?
  12. David404

    Just Ordered 2016 GLE350d - couple of queries

    Couple of questions as I await new (to me) car. SD card slot - whats the max size SD card it will accept and when inserted how far out of the dash does it protrude? 12V batteries - as its stop/start I assume 2x batteries - where are they located. To which battery should I connect the fly...
  13. David404

    ML250/350 (W164) Service - Transmission - Tyres

    Hope I'm in right place. Thinking about 2012-15 ML most likely 250 due to Tax but 350 poss. What's recommended service on transmission and does the 4Matic system add anything - does gearbox and transfer case share oil or are they seperate, if seperate what's requirements on transfer case...
  14. David404

    Wing mirror removal W211

    Need to repair/replace wiring to OS wing mirror on my 2009 W211. Anybody seen instructions or YouTube video for removing wing mirror on later W211 all YouTube vids I've found are for pre facelift which has different mirrors.
  15. David404

    New tow car

    Starting to think about swapping car, need to tow caravan so need heavy car for stability, GLE obvious answer but that's £30k s/h - hang on could get W222 for that. Bigger nobody seems to make a tow bar for that. Gutted going to be pauper spec E Or GLE...
  16. David404

    Buying 2nd user S350d (W222)

    I know every car if different Wonderingcarand we all have different experiences but I'm wondering if anybody has experience of buying and running a second user W222 in S350d Form. I'd be looking in area of £30k which looks to be good for a 2015/16 plate car.
  17. David404

    Second hand W222 (S320) thoughts

    Early stages of swapping car, looking at options. Absolute Max budget £30k One of the possibilities is an 2015my S320. What's folks thoughts on risk from a maintenance perspective? It's essentially same engine/ tranny (OM642 7GTronic) as in my W211 but with more toys, tech & airmatic so how...
  18. David404

    Towing with W222 S350L

    OK do it's not the obvious tow car but it's heavy enough for the caravan and has tow capacity 2100kg. My query is around nose weight limits, anybody out there with a 2015 S350 who knows what tow bar nose weight limit is and/or has experience of towing with same?
  19. David404

    Provisional - Testing Interest - A190 W168

    In process of persuading my Dad that its time to give up driving - he is now 90 so its time but obviously its a big decision for my Dad so we're not quite there yet despite the fact that he's not been in his car for several months... So testing interest on the forum and to a forum member would...
  20. David404

    Front Suspension

    Way home tonight, loud bang from front of car (didn't hit anything) car now sitting low on suspension, bit more on OS than NS. Suspect its snapped a spring, going to get somebody to look tomorrow but assuming its a snapped spring what sort of a job is it? Time/cost? 2009 W211 E320.
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