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  1. Psilonaught

    E63 brake pads for £63 including shipping!?

    My rears have 5k of remaining wear and I found these brembos mentioned on here in another thread. I assume these fit front or rear as it doesn't specify, but can return if they don't.
  2. Psilonaught

    29mgp from my 5.5!

    Managed this on a trip to Portsmouth yesterday. Really impressed with how frugal the e63 can be if needed. It actually went up to 29.4. my old jeep crd never managed more than 22mpg... Very hard driving at 70 though ;-)
  3. Psilonaught

    Will 285 35 fit my s212 e63?

    I currently have x4 255 35 19 winters but I want the rears to be 285. Will 285 35 be ok or does it have to be 30 on the rear like my summer tyres? Please don't tell me to run 255 on the back. They aren't wide enough for the alloys and look stupid, and yes, I'm aware narrow is better. Thanks
  4. Psilonaught

    W124 Q. Does this look like an original AMG bodykit?

    Mercedes-Benz 1993 model E220 2.2 auto petrol white E220 LEATHER | eBay Looking for a W124 convertible
  5. Psilonaught

    Holy fish tails!

    Is it just me or do we all need to start remembering how our beasts handle in cooler, wet weather after the glorious summer we had had... Overtook a bimmer man yesterday and gave it a tad too much noise peddle, one hell of a poo inducing fish tail...
  6. Psilonaught

    Estimated 0-60 for remapped e64 (5.5)?

    Excuse the typos in the heading can't edit it here! Have any of those who have had one done measured their new 0-60? I'll be remapping mine shortly so just curious. I believe mine does around 4.1sec currently. Cheers.
  7. Psilonaught

    New c63 coupe, underwhelming looks?

    I saw two yesterday and is it me or are they too small and underwhelming to look at? They just don't look special enough? I very rarely do a double take of cars that drive past me but I did for a grey M6. Really nice width and overall size. Very aggressive. I was all set to replace my e63 with...
  8. Psilonaught

    Does exhaust sound change over time?

    Took my car for a blast yesterday and noticed that when flooring it from second, in order to hit redline, and exhaust now snaps quite loudly, almost like a clap. Pretty sure if didn't used to do that....had it a year now. Am I imagining it? Sounded bloody marvelous!
  9. Psilonaught

    Never press the park button a load of times....

    So last weekend I was cleaning my car and the gloss black section around the gear lever was very marked. I gave it all a good scrub, and the park button also need some scrubbing... So later that day I try and drive the car and it will go into R, but then won't go into D. I restart engine and it...
  10. Psilonaught

    Tunnels and your inner child

    Drove to Portsmouth yesterday for a bizzzness meeting as Jeremy would say and went through a very nice tunnel coming down from Guildford. Open Pano room, sport+, drop into second. Gotta love the classic AMG sound! So loud I must have looked completely mad lol. Anyone got any nice tunnels near...
  11. Psilonaught

    Does the "gunshot" popping on the new 4L V8 get annoying?

    Been lusting over videos of the C63s vert in race with the exhaust popping constantly. Wish my 5.5 V8 BT did that :( Having said that, it must get annoying after a while? Anyone got any experience?
  12. Psilonaught

    w213 e63 depreciation?

    How much with these be in two years do we think? Patiently waiting for them to drop down to the £50-60k mark so i can afford one!
  13. Psilonaught

    Leased car modifications - when does a lease car NOT get inspected??

    Towards the end of my 3 years of ownership I'll be selling on to a dealer to pocket the expected equity (balloon is a small £17k), rather than returning the car to the lease company. I assume the car gets inspected before I can sell, or is that not true?? Under what circumstances do lease cars...
  14. Psilonaught

    How easy to return alloys to original polished state if painted?

    I lease my e63 but want to change the wheels to black. Given the very limited choice of aftermarket options I think having them painted is sensible. After my 2.3 years of ownership is up I'll be selling on to a dealer to pocket the expected equity (balloon is a small £17k). I assume the car gets...
  15. Psilonaught

    Will these fit my e63??

    i'm getting my car back next week after 5 weeks with a horrible 320d after an elderly gentleman pulled out into me. To celebrate i'm going to get some black alloys. I have the white pearl paint, and black mirrors, so black is a better look compared to the factory alloys in silver Will these...
  16. Psilonaught

    Wow, winter tyres are phenomenal in the snow!

    I bought a used set of x4 Dunlop 3d winters on ebay after the snow we had a couple of weeks ago, as I have bad memories of my rear wheel drive 520d in the snow on summers in london years ago. I had to go out today run some chores and had to travel on a wide range of untreated roads with 3cm of...
  17. Psilonaught

    Add 1 Liter Oil message?

    This Message just popped up. Should I just take it to my local dealer tomorrow or take a trip to Halfords and do it myself?? What oil do I need, and is it literally a litre, and no more? I assume this is normal??
  18. Psilonaught

    Fitting 255/35 winters all round to an e63. Garage tells me it won't work?!

    So according to the manual and also threads on here, I bought a set of second hand 255/35's for my e63. Stick of having to pussy foot around when the temp drops. Anyway, my local garage said i will get ABS and tyre pressure warnings if i don't use 285's on the back. Is he right? I've bought the...
  19. Psilonaught

    Bought a private plate - do I need a V317 to keep the original reg?

    I have a leased E63 and the finance company are happy for me to put a private plate on the car. Last time I put a private plate on a car (owned outright), I just paid my £80 to DVLA and got a new V5C. When i sold the car, I transfered the plate to a new car and I got the original reg on a new...
  20. Psilonaught

    Should I avoid old mercs with rust but bubbling?

    I'm fortunate enough to own an e63 AMG however I fancy buying an old cruiser as a second car. I have my eyes on the W124, C140 and W114. I also have a VERY strong urge to buy a 840ci too but thats for another day! Anyway my question is about rust. I've read people saying that if the arches are...
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