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  1. artyman

    The Wanderer Returns

    OK so it's been five months since I was last here, having pensioned off my C class after 10 years of ownership. I defected to a Kia E-Niro having originally been considering a Hybrid, my research indicated that a full BEV would make more sense. I like many had thought that range was an issue...
  2. artyman

    My website is throwing up an error

    I tried to go to my website today and received the following message " refused to connect." displaying a page logo with a no entry sign. Happened this morning and I hoped that it was some glitch that would clear. Looking online loads of stuff about Google...
  3. artyman

    And it's "Goodnight from Him"

    Well my W204 C Class has been pensioned off in favour of a younger EV upstart, a Kia eNiro 4. The Mercedes is the longest that I have owned any car and I've spent many happy miles being cosseted in its comfort. However times and requirements change, so I would like to thank the members here for...
  4. artyman

    Odd message on phone

    I had an unexpected message on my phone last night from REMOVED "Lets switch to Signal https:\\" Looked at the website and it looks like an encrypted messaging app, is this something to do with the dark web, I'm certainly not installing unknown stuff on my phone, but where did...
  5. artyman

    Insurance increase

    Just had my renewal through for my Insurance it seems to have jumped 13% this year. whilst I expect it to gradually increase each year, this does seem rather excessive given the rate of inflation at the moment. Anyone else had any sharp increases in their premiums.
  6. artyman

    Help needed with Epson Stylus Photo 2100

    Was printing of some docs tonight and then the printer just stopped and all the ink led indicators are flashing, it's not responding to any button presses apart from turning it off. Rebooted the PC and tried again but still nothing, lights are still flashing. Not found anything on the web that's...
  7. artyman

    Another Musician Death today

    Sadly Brian Locking one time bass player in The Shadows succumbed to cancer this morning. An excellent harmonica player as well as a bass player
  8. artyman

    What is this?

    On the top of the dashboard in my C Class W204 there is a small dome, what is it? Light detector for the auto lighting, only I want to fit something that may obscure it.
  9. artyman

    Thin end of the wedge

    Just read that there are proposals to reduce speed limits on certain sections of Motorway to 60mph to reduce pollution, is this the start of more restrictions on motorists.
  10. artyman

    Strange Gearbox Issue

    Something odd happened last night dropped friend off and as I was turning to park there was a bit of a jerk. Drove out of friends side road onto a 30mph and the car stayed in low gear and wouldn't change up even with the paddles. Pulled over, stopped the engine, restarted and changes went back...
  11. artyman

    Kit Kat

    I'm sure most of us are partial to this confection, but I've just learnt that Nestle are going to rip up the Fair Trade Agreement that hey currently have with the cocoa suppliers. If you think that a company that made profits in the billions should treat people fairly then visit this site and...
  12. artyman

    What's the difference

    I have a bottle of Autoglym Quick Detailer which I keep in the car, but what's the difference between that and a Waterless Wash Wax. I bought a bottle of that a couple of weeks ago and they both seem similar to my non-expert eye.
  13. artyman

    Control Wheel not working

    The control wheel does not seem to be fully working on my W204 When hooked up to my USB stick I can push the knob forward and then the left button to go back to the list tracks or folders but the wheel is not scrolling through the list in the usual way. Any help appreciated
  14. artyman

    Passed a test ??

    Some people shouldn't be allowed to drive a vehicle Yahoo is now part of Verizon Media
  15. artyman

    Odd Warning Messages

    A week or so ago I had a warning message pop up on the dash saying that Cruise Control/ Limiter was inoperative. Cruise Control was working fine yesterday, then also yesterday a warning that the left rear light/brake light was inoperative. Both the lights are working!! Any suggestions, and is a...
  16. artyman

    Folder lost and emails missing

    My Spam folder has vanished from Windows Live Mail 2012, I also sent an email last night but it isn't appearing in my Sent Folder. I guess it must be an indexing problem of some sort. Suggestions welcomed.
  17. artyman

    Canon fit Sigma 120-300 F2.8 APO EX DG OS

    Sigma 120-300 F2.8 APO EX DG OS and matching 1.4xTele Converter Sadly I'm just not getting the time to use this lens so time for someone else to benefit from it. It comes with a matching Sigma 1.4 TC and a set of neoprene camo covers and cases for both. In the original box it is in top...
  18. artyman

    More Thieving Toerags

    Went open the gates this morning ready to leave for church noticed a gaping hole in the bumper, some moron has pinched the Tow Hook Cover :mad::mad::mad: Don't suppose anyone has an odd one knocking around for a W204 AMG line rear bumper?
  19. artyman


    Does anyone know when the BTCC Media day is, it's usually held at Donington, though there is no mention of the test day only the scheduled round of the championship. I've trawled the web and haven't found out any info on when or where the shakedown is, I'd like to try out my new lens on some shots
  20. artyman

    And it all went blank

    No not my mind, though that does happen on occasions, the speedo, rev counter and fuel display on my C Class was just blank. So stop a bit down the road turn off and hope that a reboot will sort it.. No..... so a vVisit to Prestige in Horndean who diagnose a faulty cluster, they price up one...
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