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    so when I got car, it always bottomed out on front on really rough roads or big cambers at speed, eventually the springs on front snapped, both issues are well documented on A class, with a 50/50 mix of no owners having any issues. I replaced springs after they snapped on front with after...
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    So why MB have this issue with keeping water on outside I'll never understand, surely basic princable of car design keep water on out side I love the cabin of my A class, until I open a window in rain, then it gose to shit and I get soaked Has anyone fitted these...
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    Tyre Bulge

    so was helping out neighbour, noticed big bulge in side wall of front tyre, I told him to get it checked and as other side was just about 3.0mm to check that as well, maybe replace as a pair, his rear had a rim slow puncture after a new tyre so I suggested some rim mastic as almost certainly an...
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    A180 ATF

    Decided I don't want to do this myself, so will take to indi probably next week. Was done at 40,000 car now at 90,000, no issues with gearbox what so ever I still have thermostat and glow plugs to change, should I do these first ? I don't mind a drive and wait if it's done correctly and inc TQ...
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    Missing bulbs

    so a while ago I posted that all the foot well and vanity bulbs were missing in my car, no idea why, no a big issue so I forgot about it. Anyway got a few trips to do in car and it running ok, so been ordered by daughter not to mess with it LOL ( I have glow plugs and thermostats to change)...
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    A180 W169 2006

    I was checking my stock of spare bulbs against the list of bulbs fitted on my car, Iv managed to find part numbers for them all, and then the code of bulb needed There are Two part numbers that's causing me issues as it may have changed, the 2 for the rear passenger doors reading lights in roof...
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    My 2 year cost of owning my A180

    So, had car now for about 2 years, had full service history when i got car, but did not trust it so fully serviced it then, just completed another full service and thought I would see what this car has cost me to own for 2 years. I had a few niggles to sort out on car, that if taken to a garage...
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    A battery life

    Ok so I dump things in my Ebay basket and leave, don't know why but after awhile I get deals discounts etc on them, then I buy, well daughter wanted a few bits lent her my acount, i forgot about my basket and she clicked pay all, most of stuff just tops up my stock but i recived another new...
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    Glow plugs

    So my icarsoft, sometimes shows glow plug 1 open circuit, clear then after few days shows 3 and 4, clear back to 1 , now stuck on 3 and 4, car starts ok, called my local Indi for replacement they said they wont work on glow plugs for my car What I find odd is changing readings Any ideas...
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    A180 cdi 2006 V Belt

    V belt got taken out by alternator pulley, was very worn so no part number on it Iv replaced the alternator pulley and got part number from EPC, matched it to old one and its identical. chassis number WDD1690072J287535 Also replace the lower guide pulley again got part number from EPC and...
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    Help Alternator pully

    Had a slight noise from belt and with onset of winter an occasional squeal, at 90,000 assumed poly belt, guides and tensioner wheels, I have all 3 bearings in boot and a new belt, about a week ago it got very metallic sound when I started for about 5 seconds and a sort of snap and I immediately...
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    Dose anyone use the plugin type you use on phone or tablet
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    So starting to think about replacing this, seam quite an involved job, noticed to do thermostat you have stripped off all parts for glow plugs and egr, I belive my car is the euro 4 with no dpf so parts are very cheap £100-150 depending on make for the lot, but to be honest dose not look like an...
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    Bluetooth battery monitor

    Has anyone fitted this to there battery, as mb seam to have issues with battery or drain would be nice to monitor it, with out opening or waking up car Thanks Tezz
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    Ersin android Radio

    I may or may not have an issue with my command NG2, either way it a bit outdated as are the maps which cost almost as much as new unit. I found this it says its model specific for my A class has anyone fitted it to there A class, any issues with it ect...
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    Battery Drain Again

    Ok so hear we go again. So back in April I had a battery drain, it was found to be rear tail gate handle, new battery fitted by RAC and handle fixed since then no issues with battery, start fine all ok Used car few days before all fine apart from the Command 20 was turning its self of and on...
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    Terra Clean

    So im down to last niggle on my list replacing Thermostat, its at back of engine :-( I thought I would have a look see what else might be needed when there and notice the EGR is in same area so was considering taking out for a clean. No issues with car, runs drives ok, emissions all ok, just...
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    footwell and vanity lights

    So I was replacing My heater regulator today as it only worked on speed 5 ( very easy job by way) When I noticed the footwell light bulb was missing, holder wires everything there, so checked others and vanity mirror lights all the bulbs are missing ? Surely this cant have been an optional...
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    Patten Parts or MB

    A MB is just a selection of pattern parts? yes to there specs but at end of day made by others and just assembled by them, like lego No m not talking about Chinese rip offs or exhausts fitted by kwik fit. I personally have no issue with Patten parts when I can find out whom MB used, Like...
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    A180 W169 Front Springs

    Front o/s spring snapped on car, was lucky happened just as I was getting home, the springs snapping on theses cars seams very common. Theres a vid on you tube Got a pair of matched springs (German made) for £25 delivered, Mercedes I believe say you can change 1 only so long as it...
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