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  1. Fudger

    Part wanted

    This might be a possibility although there must be other outlets given time to do a search! Shopping basket
  2. Fudger

    1989 era Baupunkt radio cassette wanted

    Hi folks, it is to go in an 1989 230e that originally had a Blaupunkt Melbourne SQR 39 fitted. Thanks.
  3. Fudger

    E63 gone to a good home.

    I hear you but I sold for £34k and its losing at least £6k per annum. I would consider an E55 AMG as they are now starting to appreciate in value. No doubt the same will happen to the E63 at some point in the future.
  4. Fudger

    Hardly used E63 winter tyres (w212)

    Very good condition winter tyres with 6mm tread remaining (practically new). I have been very impressed with these tyres and would have had no hesitation using them all year round. I have used them for 8 months over to winters and completed very few miles; i'd guess 4k miles only. I can email...
  5. Fudger

    E63 gone to a good home.

    After 2 years of happy motoring in the E63, it has now gone to a good home. Circumstances have changed and given that I do a max of 6k miles per annum, I took the decision that depreciation was too great for such a low mileage. Without any doubt, it has been the best car I have ever owned. Just...
  6. Fudger

    Japanese Import W124 E280

    Guys, thanks for the responses, off to see the car shortly, will keep you posted :)
  7. Fudger

    Japanese Import W124 E280

    Folks, I have never done this before, hence this request, but I am looking at a Jap import tomorrow and want to try and understand what I would need to do to it to make fully UK compliant. I understand that I would need to get it the underside wax oiled (approx £600) and get the speedo changed...
  8. Fudger

    Me likey a lot

    Very nice, love the Silver/Black combo.
  9. Fudger

    W124 - 1992 230e v 1994 E280 Japan import.

    Folks, I have seen the above cars for sale for about the same price and mileage and both in excellent condition for age. As a daily driver, which would you go for? Surely you would go for the E280, right? It has leather, air con and a more modern engine none of which you get on the 230e...
  10. Fudger

    C43 Saloon ordered

    No but I would certainly want to give it a go. Have you had a try yourself, or anyone else for that matter?
  11. Fudger

    C43 Saloon ordered

    Gents, I have had a change of heart after the dealer gave me 48 hours in a C43 saloon. He was always of the mind that I would not be 'fully' satisfied moving from my E63 to a C43 and he was right. Perhaps they do know a few things about their cars! Let me be very clear, the C43 is a great car...
  12. Fudger

    C43 Saloon ordered

    Quite right, P Zeros. However, I have been so impressed with the winter tyres, I don't think I will bother to swap them back now.
  13. Fudger

    C43 Saloon ordered

    Not very; in terms of options, reversing camera only. I bought it at 6 months old from the Mercedes Brooklands, it was their sales directors car. Although its done 24k miles, I am on the original set of tyres which shows how gently its been driven. I do have some winters on at the moment but...
  14. Fudger

    C43 Saloon ordered

    The sales guy said similar and I quote, "Why do you want to do that?" Reason being that I now, often, get the train to work and I do very few miles, the wife does not drive the E63 and wants a smaller car and the kids are out of Uni with their own transport. I was trying to find something that...
  15. Fudger

    C43 Saloon ordered

    Not sure if I have made the right choice here but circumstances have changed and I am moving from an E63 estate to a new C43 saloon. I had a W202 C43 about 20 years ago and loved it to bits but I am not nostalgia is the right basis on which to buy a new C43 :) The salesman, who I have known for...
  16. Fudger

    DI Resin

    Folks, I need a 25ltr pack of MB115 or equivalent. Having searched the internet, the best price I can find is £78 delivered. Anyone have a cheaper source for DI resin that is in stock? Many thanks.
  17. Fudger

    Tinting Windows - yes or no?

    I had tinted windows on my previous E250 Estate from these guys Pentagon Glass Limited: Vehicle glass protection and window tinting I was very impressed with the fitting and quality. They will be able to advise on tints but I asked for 'as near to how normal MB privacy glass would be'.
  18. Fudger

    Do you put winter tires on your AMG?

    I echo this; I have these tyres on at the moment and they perform very well indeed.
  19. Fudger

    Car tax evasion triples after paper version scrapped

    I have an idea, scrap every tax except VAT. That way, everyone pays on a usage basis. In fact, I'll do Philip Hammond's next budget speech; piece of pee :)
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