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  1. Marku

    Viano noise

    Got this noise or whine from the left rear. Not harsh but starts at low speed, fades but returns at 25, fades again back at 40. Thought it the brakes as the discs were worn so replaced them and the pads. An improvement in volume but essentially still there. Done 75K and the last couple of years...
  2. Marku

    Viano auto gear display

    The illuminated display alongside the selector has failed for the fourth time. Three times the whole unit has been replaced. Lights don't even come on now with the driving lights and the illumination of the selected gear, which has been playing up for a while has also completely failed. Have...
  3. Marku

    Goodyear Eagle Asymmetric

    The ones made for Jaguar. Put two on the front in an emergency after one tyre was destroyed. They don't handle very well in low speed cornering tending to "crab" quite alarmingly. Now one of the front springs has broken. It has only done 60K any connection between the two?
  4. Marku

    Viano suspension

    It was parked up about 10 days ago with no apparent problems. Not been any where since because of the virus but decided to back it out, give it a wash and see how it was running. Surprise the front suspension has collapsed. The right front spring is actually rubbing on the tyre and I found a...
  5. Marku

    Viano rear wiper control

    It will not switch off guess it is either the switch or a relay and have had to take the fuse out. Before I can check a relay I have to know which it is. Anyone know which one?
  6. Marku


    Putting the 450SE back together after repainting and came to refitting the chrome work. Most of it is pretty good but on looking at the boot rail, a casting that goes right across the edge of the boot holds the lock and across the rear lights, I thought it could do with brightening up. It wasn't...
  7. Marku

    Instrument Cluster

    Any one give me any pointers as to why I can't open the sub-menus in the instrument cluster display other than its completely bust. Just got round to changing the time. Usually do it through COMAND but didn't work this time. Tried using the buttons on the cluster and wheel but although I can get...
  8. Marku

    Window lifter replacement

    The window mechanism went in our Viano and I was quoted £390 to replace it. £140 for the part and £150 to fit it. I know that it is cable operated and it sounded like that was what had gone. Currently servicing the regulators in our W116 450SE, which are built as though they could be fitted to...
  9. Marku

    LED lighting

    Thought I would replace much of the lighting with LEDs. Everything fine, so far, but for the parking lights. They said they were replacements for the W5W bulbs but it doesn't like them. What should I be fitting?
  10. Marku

    Inchcape Mercedes

    Any one tried their website for parts? You now fill in a request and it goes to your choice of local dealer. They say that they will reply within two hours. Well that was yesterday and still nothing. I would have expected better particularly that I have been a regular customer of theirs for 11...
  11. Marku

    Viano instrument upgrade

    Had the opportunity to upgrade from the old fan instrument on a 2006 Viano to the Hi-line two dials. Everybody said its easy simply swap them except it isn't. The plug on the Viano will not fit the socket on the Hi-line. Both have 18 pins and superficially they would appear to fit but offer them...
  12. Marku

    COMAND failure

    Nothing at all no phone or satnav or cd changer nothing just a blank screen. Get the initial screen, there's power, satnav disc spins and then screen goes off. There are also no lights on the unit when sidelights are switched on. No fuses blown and nothing else apparently wrong. The only...
  13. Marku

    Viano bonnet badge

    Was going to replace the bonnet badge on the Viano but on looking there is no access under the badge. I assume that it is glued on. The embossing is very shallow and the blue is rubbing off.
  14. Marku


    Had Goodyear 225 55 R17 W101 Eagle NCT from new. When these needed replacement told they were now unavailable and so had to settle for Goodyear Efficient Grip. Had one damaged beyond repair recently and went for a replacement to be told that they were unavailable and had to settle for Goodyear...
  15. Marku

    spraying metallic celluose

    What's the trick in doing this successfully? I have read any number of tips which often contradict each other. From what I can gather all coats should be sprayed with about 15 minutes between them finishing with a "dusting" coat with 10% more thinners and the gun about 15/18 inches from the...
  16. Marku

    Rear fog lights

    Is it the same on all Mercedes? Our Viano only illuminates the driver's side rear fog light. The bulb is in place on the left but doesn't light up. The bulb is OK so is it standard for only the offside to light up and can you select the near side if wanted, for example driving in France or even...
  17. Marku

    Door locks

    How do I get the lock barrels out of the handles on my 450? One of them doesn't work and feels solid so needs freeing up but generally I thought I would get the chrome redone and surely the lock barrels shouldn't go in the plating bath?
  18. Marku

    Alloy centres

    Are they all universal? Particular thing of replacing my large star ones with the new ones that are like the bonnet badge.
  19. Marku

    Air leak

    Got a persistent leak, about 10psi per week, from 225 55 R17 Goodyear on an MB alloy wheel. Tyre is getting on a bit but not at fault. Had it before and the tyre was taken off and the wheel rims cleaned and a sealer put on. That cured it but now it is back. What's the solution? Would having the...
  20. Marku

    Cleaning leather

    Any suggestions for cleaning really grubby leather? Just looked at it in the sunshine and can't believe I have been sitting on it. It is light grey and looking very dirty. Tried some proprietary cleaners, like Simoniz, but although did clean them up a bit still look poor.
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