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  1. Rosso1

    Build Sheet latest info

    Hi Hope everyone enjoying their weekend? I thought somewhere I saw that if you put in your vin to a certain webpage you can get the original build sheet? If this is possible can someone direct me please? Thanks in advance 😊
  2. Rosso1

    New SL63

    I have not been on here in a while as I sold my R230 SL500 a few years ago but just bought a SL 63 and just loving this car. Can't get enough of that great exhaust / engine sound.😂 I thought my 911 sounded good but this is a great sound track. Anyway it's great to be back and hope to meet some...
  3. Rosso1

    First class well looked after r230

    I am looking to sell my beautiful SL500 2002 R230 SL do not come up in this condition to often with this build spec. The car is so close to perfect no warning lights good service history having just been serviced and Low mileage. I would like to see it go to someone who wants one of the...
  4. Rosso1

    Looking to sale to a member here if possible

    I am looking to sell my beautiful SL500 2002 R230 SL do not come up in this condition to often with this build spec. The car is so close to perfect no warning lights good service history and Low mileage only thing letting the car down are the fitted car mats. I would like to see it go to...
  5. Rosso1

    So what PS4 games do you play?

    So seeing a few thread on here about PS4 I thought i find out what games people like to play when they are not out there cleaning their pride and Joy. My main game has been Destiny Although I also like Uncharted 4 So your turn what do you like?
  6. Rosso1

    Stone breaks windsceen

    So my wife was a little unlucky today having a stone hit the windscreen of our sl500 no sooner she got home this went from a chip to a crack so we have someone coming out today to replace the screen on our car insurance. Should we be unduly worried with a replacement screen as they are aware...
  7. Rosso1

    Internet traffic company Dyn

    I am sure now some of you have had issues connecting to your favorite sites. Hopefully we are going to be ok here though. What site have you had issues with? How bad do you see this issue getting?
  8. Rosso1

    Number Plate Fault

    Can someone help? My SL500 has two number plate lights one is not working its not the bulbas this has been replaced and checked. Can anyone tell me if both lights work off the same fuse and if not where would i find the fuse for the number plate light?
  9. Rosso1

    Cl55 gearbox oil change

    Guys i have no idea on the work involved in changing the gear box oil but surely £2360 is really on the steep side? I have not changed my gearbox oil on my Mercedes but have never spent anywhere above a few hundred pounds. Can anyone tell me what they have spent? Here the advert showing...
  10. Rosso1

    Car Cover

    Guys I am on the look out for a outside car cover. What make do you guys recommend? Anyone on here got one for sale for SL model?
  11. Rosso1

    Help me decide.

    Well I am a couple of months into my SL500 It is a beautiful 2002 model with out standing paint work. As soon as i got this car it was the right car to buy but really needed the wheel to be stripped and repaired and repainted this has been done and they look lovely but to be honest they take a...
  12. Rosso1

    3.5 Million to spend

    So you have £3.5 million to spend but instead of buying one car you have to buy 5 cars what would they be? The Lamborghini Vereno Roadster is 3.5 million if you can find one to buy. So like fantasy football tell us what five cars you would buy with this in mind. You must have in your...
  13. Rosso1

    Replacing a Rear ABC Strut on Mercedes SL-Class R230 with Arnott Remanufactured Strut

    Replacing a Rear ABC Strut on Mercedes SL-Class R230 with Arnott Remanufactured Strut
  14. Rosso1

    Not seen this colour on a SL Before

    Have you seen this colour on a SL amg before ? I have on other models. 2003 Mercedes Benz SL Series SL55 AMG 2 door Convertible | eBay
  15. Rosso1


    Hi guys does anyone have all the key words for the LINGUATRONIC system and what is controlled by this system? Also can you change it from a German accent to a UK ?:thumb:
  16. Rosso1

    Whats happen to you while your at work or a funny story

    I thought i would share a funny story while at work. I called in a company to collect some of our vehicles that where due to go out for climate tests. So the company in question sent in two vehicles transported with multi decks enclosed. The first lorry arrived at least a hour before the...
  17. Rosso1

    2004 Mercedes-Benz CL 65 AMG

    Guys this looks a nice CL65 2004 Mercedes-Benz CL 65 AMG | eBay Wonder how much it will go for?
  18. Rosso1

    Current mobile with fault codes Errors

    When i purchased my car the phone in the center console does not seem to switch on and charge, the car is STILL giving the message "Tel Error - Tel not plugged in", . So just ran a diagnostic via STAR on it and these are the 2 codes its come up with. N1201 - The microphone line from...
  19. Rosso1

    Who have you used to touch up your car?

    I have some stone chips on my lower valance and bonnet can anyone recommend a paint doctor as i don't want a respray as when you sell a car i don't want anyone to think the car been involved in a accident, i just really fussy about having a car that's as flawless as possible? Essex based...
  20. Rosso1

    Car engine Carbon clean

    Guys has anyone tried to carbon clean the inside of their engine and if so how much difference has it made? Also what were the results? 1 Age of your car? 2 What readings did you have before? 3 Readings after the engine clean? 4 And how impressed were you with the results?
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