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    W210 power window problem

    G'day all, I have continued this problem on from my post from steering wheel removal. I replaced the steering wheel 2day. All went well until I re-connected the battery to find that the one touch window switch's wouldnt work..only the hold down would work Here's the deal...I opened up the boot...
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    M112 tappet like sound ??

    G'day all, There is a ticking/tappety like sound (i'm convinced) from the toppish area of the oil fill area on my motor so that would be on the right sight of the V6 of the M112 motor, if facing !! There is surprisingly no noise when its cold but is present when warm/hot. Now the strange thing...
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    W210 '98 Steering Wheel Airbag

    G'day, I have a very common question however i have been unable to find the exact answer. The question is if removing the steering wheel what are the steps involved ? Is it to disconnect the battery first for 15mins, then remove screws, then unplug the airbag or is there is a different sequence...
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