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    new e63 ordered. what colour shall I get

    I'm currently considering a new E63 in palladium with black alloys and silver interior but I am intrigued by Hyacinth red with black wheels - has anyone actually seen one in the flesh in red and is there any pics instead of the weird renderings?
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    Help! C63 AMG Adaptive backrest not working!

    Thanks all it was BS, they finally worked out the issue was something to do with somebody not putting a fuse back in after the work on the ECU so I now have fully functioning seats back after 6 months!
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    Help! C63 AMG Adaptive backrest not working!

    Hi all - Can someone with a 2008 C63 confirm that the car was fitted with the adaptive backrest i.e. buttons to adjust the side bolsters, upper back and lumbar support? I bought my car in Oct last yr, had work done under warranty due to warning lights coming on for issues with the ESP (a...
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    C63 - How many owners do we have on this Forum?

    Thanks all- didn't have time to debate so lumped for F1's all round - not bad deal £760 all fitted @Mika remember mines an estate too!
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    Newish Mercedes convert - C63 plus non Merc's

    Hay all - new to the forum so I thought I'd introduce myself. Car History: 1983 998cc Mini City (stage 2 tuned, loud n proud!) 1981 998cc mini City (for parts) 1986 Mk2 Golf 1.3 (lasted 2 days!) 1988 mk2 Golf GTi 8v (bought as a wreck,never made it onto the road) 1987 mk2 Golf GTi 8v...
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    C63 - How many owners do we have on this Forum?

    Hay all, my first post too. 08 C63 AMG estate in Palladium silver., must be one of the first estates off the production line. Happily owned for 8 months. Drive her everyday, but I have a fuel card at work that definitely helps! Drove from Glasgow to Applecross yesterday (400 miles round...
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