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  1. Wilsonuk

    ML gear select on steering rack - why?

    Not sure why it's suddenly occured to me, but I suddenly have to know why the gear shift on the ML is on the steering rack when all other MB's (to my knowledge) are in the normal place by the centre divide? Anyone have the answer to this? It is useful having the space in the middle free of...
  2. Wilsonuk

    Business Networking

    Now I don't use forums very much at all, but it strikes me that it's a good opportunity for business networking? Is it frowned upon and is that the reason there isn't a sub forum for this purpose? :dk:
  3. Wilsonuk

    Constant 'Java Updates'

    It seems almost every time I turn my laptop on, the poxy 'Java' software wants me to download another update and restart!! :wallbash: Properly getting on my man boobs now - can I stop this somehow, am I doing something wrong!!??
  4. Wilsonuk

    Mercedes Night Vision Pic

    I hadn't seen this before - looks pretty cool! Follow this link to a pic of Merc night vision if you haven't seen it yet... First proper go with Merc Night Vision - could get used to it... on Twitpic
  5. Wilsonuk

    Is 'coasting' bad for engine and gear box?

    I was driving my manual car the other day and the 'range' indicator went to zero with 10 miles to go to the services. I put the car in neutral and coasted on the down hill parts of the motorway, where I could maintain a constant speed, to save fuel. My passenger told me it was bad for the...
  6. Wilsonuk

    Driving in Europe - experience share

    Hi all, Driving to Germany through France (eurotunnel) Belgium and Holland, looking forward to the Autobahns! Any helpful tips from those of you with European experience, stuff they can't publish in the guides like what speeds can you really get away with on major roads in the countries I...
  7. Wilsonuk

    My personal cost of ownership of E320CDI

    Hello all, I bought an 05 plate E320cdi with 68k miles on it in November 2008 for £13k. I have since covered a further 79k (comfortable!) miles in it. Just doing some filing and, through general curiosity, totted up my total cost of servicing the car at main Merc dealer so far to be...
  8. Wilsonuk

    Auot gearbox doesn't engage when cold - oil pressure

    Hi, Wonder if any of you mechanical guys can help... A colleague of mine has recently bought a C200d on 2006 plate which has developed a fault as follows: When starting from cold, the auto gearbox will not engage. The engine revs but will not go into gear. He has been told that this is...
  9. Wilsonuk

    Centre armrest handle issues

    Guys, The small plastic 'lever' on the left hand side of my E Class arm rest (the one that opens the large part of the arm rest stowage section) has snapped off and I can't fix it or find a replacement. Number one - it's the latest thing on my list for how shoddy lots of the materials on...
  10. Wilsonuk

    Bonnet Badge Mounting

    Hello all, Some hateful little scab has seen fit to rip my three pointed star bonnet badge off my E Class. I have purchased a new one from Southampton Merc but the completely ill informed bloke in the parts department didn't have a clue about fitting (usual level of service from a MB...
  11. Wilsonuk

    ISO FIX in 2005 E Class

    Hello all. My ML has plastic covers on the back seats which pop out to reveal the 'hook in' device for the ISOFIX car seat mechanism, but my E Class does not. Am I missing something? Does this mean that the E isn't usable for the ISOFIX system? I will be gutted if it isn't compatible...
  12. Wilsonuk

    Poor quality plastics

    Has anyone noticed how easily the plastic around the gear shift on a merc dents? My phone fell off the dash and made a huge dent the other day - I've since experimented and you can practically dent it with your finger with a bit of pressure. This is on an 05 plate E Class, maybe they have...
  13. Wilsonuk

    Fiscon Pro Bluetooth Phone Kit - Feedback

    Hello all, I am considering fitting the above into my E Class having had one recommendation from a member on this forum. Any feedback from any existing users on this kit? They are £350 plus installation, so I will be fairly devestated if I fit it and it isn't good quality - I have tried so...
  14. Wilsonuk

    ML 7 Seat conversion?

    Not being lazy here, I've Googled this and can only find a thread from back in 2007 from this site that lists a link for a company called 'Luxury7' which no longer works. So, are there any speicalist companies out there that anyone knows about who can make an 06 plate ML320 into a 7 seater...
  15. Wilsonuk

    38mpg from 05 plate E320CDI?

    The best I can achieve on a long motorway journey (say 80 miles) doing about 80mph is 38mpg. I spend most of the time on cruise and like to think that I'm a sensible driver, no harsh braking or accelerating. Is this a reasonable result?
  16. Wilsonuk

    Next generation SL??

    Hello all, Anyone got any inside information on when MB are planning to release the next generation of SL? The last facelift was fairly minor, so I reckon they must have a new model coming soon which I might go for. Any info!?
  17. Wilsonuk

    Kiddy seats

    Bit of a dull one this perhaps, but I'll ask anyway... My wife is expecting (happy days of course!) and I'm wondering if there is a child seat solution where I can have a stylish buggy which also has a baby seat which just lifts out and clicks into my cars? I have an 06 plate ML and an 05...
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