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    Question on 360 degree cameras

    When I put my W205 C-Class in to reverse, the camera feeds on to the COMAND screen so I can see the guidelines and the image behind etc. Is this just a reverse parking camera? And is the 360 degree camera a completely separate option that my car just doesn't have? If so does anyone know the...
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    Number Plate Replacements

    Not sure if this is the right forum but hoping it is... It's a pretty minor thing but looking to get aluminium Number Plate replacements for my car. With my previous Mercedes I bought it from a car broker who made private plates for me with his company's name as the slogan text at the...
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    W205 C63 brake calipers

    Hey All Does anybody know where I can get brake calipers either replaced or even repainted? Based in East London. Currently have the stock AMG brake calipers on 19 inch wheels on a W205 C63, but looking to replace them with the red ones from the C63S, or even just get them repainted...
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    Any good indy specialists in East London?

    Looking for a good indy in East London if anyone has any recommendations? Thanks
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    Andy at Eurocharged/Prestige Car Diagnostics

    Hi All Does anyone have any contact details for Andy at Eurocharged/PCD LTD? Been trying to get hold of him but his usual number isn't working. Thanks
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