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  1. Cleggmeister

    Acceleration better with pedal not fully depressed W124 200E

    I'm guessing this is a linkage issue but would appreciate the reassurance... My 1990 W124 200E accelerates more rapidly with the pedal pressed to approx 3\4 maximum. Pressing the pedal fully down reduces the acceleration by a noticeable, but not massive degree. All is running well, good...
  2. Cleggmeister

    1990 W124 200E, missing a gear, o/d, or fine?

    Hi folks, At 60mph my gal is doing around 3400rpm and would love another gear. I don't think there is another in the transmission but wanted to post in case I'm missing a trick? Many thanks. Cleggy.
  3. Cleggmeister

    Daft question... What colour is my W124

    It's bodywork time soon hence I'm ordering some kurust, filler, primer and paint. It's mainly the front arches though there are a couple of other spots here and there. My plan is to use a dremel to grind out the rust and get down to bare metal, kurust, prime and then paint, however I've no...
  4. Cleggmeister

    Struggling with a new stereo - help please

    Hi again folks, I probably shouldn't have had a glass of wine before starting this, but... So, I've disconnected my old Blaupunkt and identified the earth, battery+ and ignition+ I've connected these (and these only) to my new stereo but it doesn't power up. I tried reversing the...
  5. Cleggmeister

    Very basic advice please, brakes squeaking, W124 200E

    Apologies, I guess this is primary school stuff but brakes are not really my thing. Braking at slow speeds, for example when manouevering, causes quite a squeal from my brakes. Can't tell which wheel, it may be one or all of them. How do I sort this out please, with common DIY tools if...
  6. Cleggmeister

    Wiring multiple 12v sockets and inverter into W124

    Hi again! I use quite a lot of devices in my car and I'd love a wee project to wire in some more 12v sockets and an inverter (all of which I have purchased). The issue is me, I have no experience working on car wiring. Please could you suggest where I might locate a feed for my 12v...
  7. Cleggmeister

    Stereo compatibility check please, W124 200E

    Hi folks, belated happy new year to you, My Blaupunkt Cambridge cassette radio is not really providing me with the features I require so I've been looking for a suitable replacement. The best I can find for the money are as follows: JVC KD-X250BT Bluetooth Media Receiver | Car Audio...
  8. Cleggmeister

    Flux and Twilight - useful applications

    My way of thanking those who've helped me on here... Try F.Lux on the PC and Twilight on the Android - both very useful applications for automatically adjusting your screen colour temperature and brightness dependent on daylight hours. Net result - a more pleasant experience using screens...
  9. Cleggmeister

    W124 - no fog lights working

    Hi chums, I'm away from the owner manual just now and wondered if anyone can suggest a remedy. None of the fog lights are working on my W124 200E. They all worked fine a couple of weeks ago and it strikes me as strange that all should fail so I'm guessing a fuse or the switch. The "bulb...
  10. Cleggmeister

    Straighten steering wheel, 1990 W124 200E

    Hi folks, Couple of wee niggles that I'm going to resolve over the weekend, one of which is that my steering wheel is maybe 15 degrees off-centre with the front wheels straight. Is this a simple job for someone with reasonable tools/knowledge? As I recall it wasn't so simple on my...
  11. Cleggmeister

    Buying a W211 - what to look for?

    Hi folks, Several years ago I enjoyed a W210 E55 AMG for a couple of hundred thousand miles. Now I'm back in the market with £7k to buy a nice 2004 W211 E220 or E270 diesel. Through general research I've so far learned to test all the electrics of any car I'm interested in, as well as...
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