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    MS Surface Pro

    128GB i5 Processor. With Keyboard, black. Small scratch on back of stand, otherwise 100%. Currently running Windows 8.1, but will revert to 8.0 when I reset it. Once new owner has registered it to a Microsoft Account, can be upgraded to Windows 8.1 RT (Free)..again.... I have...
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    S70 amg ?

    You Know You Want to: Mercedes S70 AMG - PistonHeads Never seen of heard of it...but looks interesting...
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    Rain sensing wipers

    Why don't they do this for the rear wiper as well ?
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    web site designer

    Can anyone more webby then me see if they can, or point me in the right direction to finding the web designer who did this site ? We are looking to use a similar design and feel on a new venture....
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    Neighbour's house for sale

    He USED to drive for MB.......;) Orchard Road, Tewin, Hertfordshire £2,000,000
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    24 - Season 9

    May, 2014 :bannana: Also, Homeland is back at the end of this month....... Happy to admit, life at present is soooo dull I'm also excited......
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    UKPSA members

    are there any here ? I've just done the basic safety course, and an joining the Harlow branch....
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    TOGAF 9.1 study guides

    does anyone have any they don't need anymore......from foundation upwards...?
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    Tomtom Silvia

    does anyone happen to have a copy of this tomtom voice they could send me ?
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    Congestion charge CO2 threshold drops to 75g/km

    So now that they have dropped the 100g/km rate down to 75g/km.....The only sensible choice to drive in the city is.......a Porsche.... "The new E-Hybrid sees its air-cooled NiMH batteries replaced with a water-cooled Li-Ion setup and power up to 95hp at 2,200-2,600rpm and torque at 229lb ft...
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    User car question...

    So I found my W202 on a dealer site... but there's no mention in the advert of it's Cat C status, which is on the V5 as "previously damaged and repaired, inspected 11 Oct 2011 ....... Should there be ?.....anyone want to call the dealer (innocently and ask) for me ? .....I also seem to recall...
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    windows 8.1

    If anyone wants to Beta test this for me/Microsoft it is available here: Download Windows 8.1 Preview - Microsoft Windows
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    Die Hard MB Product placement

    Unfortunately, I recently saw the most recent Die Hard movie......A wasted 2 hrs or so of my life. At least it was a good advertisement for the various MB's .....Unimog, G55 (or G63 ?), vans, you name it, it got demolished...... I didn't know a G-wagon could crush a Porsche......
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    1998 W202 Mercedes C200 Elegance, Metallic Blue

    Owned by my father-in-law since 1998 (he was 2nd owner), had a minor damage in 2011 (rear door, not sill, only, but noted on V5 as "Repaired and /or accident damaged, identity checked 10/10/2011 - not sure if this is Cat C/D or anything ?). Currently on 128k. Full MB and specialist history...
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    Rather Cool Job Ad....

    Pity I don't have US citizenship.... Here
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    Outsourced IT Support

    Just digging / researching.... What does our esteemed membership think is reasonable to pay for out sourced IT Support - I am trying to find rates for both on-site and remote options, in Central London ? What qualities, certifications, experience, any other relevant factors do you look for...
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    W202 Diagnosis Help needed....

    So I've inherited my Father in law's old 1998 W202 c200 Elegance (he's gone all W204 on me)... Other than being an old girl, one owner, usual rust she's pretty well behaved...except.... A slight hesitation, and occasional stall from idle (even when in gear). Sometime she doesn't want to wake...
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    W202 engine guard ?

    I've inherited my father-in-law's old I'm back in MB ownership.... It needs a new Engine guard thing - the big awkward plastic part under the sump..... Anyone scrapping a C200 with one they don't need, or know where I can get one cheap ? Also looking for a **********e grill....
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    W202 - newest

    Was chatting to a friend the other day, who thinks they saw a 51 reg W202.....anyone know if this could be true or rocking-horse poo ?
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    Not ebay...but was wondering if it's a member or known car to the club ? Used Mercedes C CLASS C240 ELEGANCE 1999 for sale - PistonHeads (Ref 1124200)
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