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    W212 Parking Brake Sticking when Cold

    Hi, I'm sure I'm not alone, however a quick Google Search and on this forum although a few members have mentioned it, I've seen to conclusive response. When it's cold (outside), especially on a morning the Parking Brake doesn't seem to want to release. Or already the dash and foot peddle...
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    Main Beam Upgrade None ILS

    Hi all, So I recently purchased a 2014 E250 AMG Sport and and it wasn't until I started my drive home I noticed there it didn't have the ILS. My mistake I know. Anyway I'm not overlly fussed, as I usually had High Beam Assist in Manual mode anyway, as everyone flashed coming the other way. My...
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    W212 Intelligent Lighting System

    Ive just upgraded from a E250 2010 AMG Sport to a slightly newer 2014 model. First nighttime drive tonight and noticed no ILS like my old monster. Is ILS an option? - I’ve check the menu on the dash and can’t find an option to enable it. Also High Beam assist doesn’t seem to be there either...
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    W212 2010 NTG4 Upgrade Options

    Hi all, First post to the forum, however have been a reader for a number of years. I’ve had my E250 saloon from new, just over 9 years ago. Now done just over 100k and I’ve no interest in swapping it. It’s tuned, to the hills and still drives like a brand new car. Done a little Searching in...
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