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  1. nickid

    w203 brake dust shield wanted

    I need one of these. two would be better. can contact me on here or my email. 07599202898
  2. nickid

    HELP . w203 rear brake dust plates

    Can someone tell me where I can get rear dust plates for a 2002 c180 coupe. Noone seems to stock them.:doh:
  3. nickid

    Who sells the a/c flap arms?

    My arm has broke on my air con making it click in my Where sells them? Only getting American dealers selling them?
  4. nickid

    Camshaft adjuster problem

    Camshaft adjuster problem I have been getting a brrrr sound for a split second when I rev the engine and it makes the same sound when the revs go down for a split second. ive been told its the camshaft adjuster is bad. this is how do I fix it? all help needed please 02 230k coupe
  5. nickid

    help strange noise coming from engine

    please help. 2002 c230k coupe I am having this strange vibrated noise from my engine. when I rev slightly, It makes a vibrated noise then nothing until I let off and it does it again????? I thought it might be the tensioner but no chain chatter on start up
  6. nickid

    valve cover hose 02 230k coupe help

    hi, can anyone give me a link or tell me where to get this item in the uk. Everytime I search it comes up with American company's.
  7. nickid

    new coolant level sensor ????

    just go my me sensor from Mercedes and its different to the original original new before I fit it, was my original upgraded and that why I have this one?
  8. nickid

    tappet noise on 40k c180

    wifes coupe is got a slight rattle from engine and louder when oil cap off. It sounds like the tappets/lifters but car has only done 40,000miles?
  9. nickid

    radio not working just keeps searching

    when I put an aftermarket head unit into my 02 yellow coupe the antenna cable fitted the new unit and worked. just put the same type of unit in the new coupe and radio doesn't work, it just keeps on searching? am I missing something
  10. nickid

    c230 coupe sunroof not working

    well I guess my yellow could has got annoyed that I got another coupe in the drive and stopped the sunroof from opening. I opened the inside cover to the sunroof and then went to open the sunroof and all I get is a click. The inside cover wouldn't close either unless I full the fuse and put it...
  11. nickid

    new toy to go with the yellow one

    Just picked up a c180 auto coupe with 42000 miles cheap and wife like its better do I am getting the c230k. happy days.
  12. nickid

    Two shades of yellow

    Hi all, Well when I bought the car I was told the cars bonnet was a bit faded and when I looked at it a didn't think there was much of a difference until I got home and thought I would just get the bonnet resprayed. Well that was the plan until I was out at the other car and looked across at the...
  13. nickid

    The right head unit install

    Want to get rid of the tape player single din out of my late 02 c230 k coupe and have been looking at getting leads that don't work, some people cut wires. i have a head unit already to put in but unsure what connections i need, there is a few different ones and some you have to cut. don't want...
  14. nickid

    Connection going nowhere????

    Just found this going to nothing? can anyone help?
  15. nickid

    bad arches and paint code problem

    God I had a good look at my c230 kompressor coupe today a saw the paint bubbling on every arch and corner of arch near light. I looks **** on a great car so now its time to do a bit of sanding and painting but the paint is code 685 sunburst yellow? but its also coming up with yellow stone? Going...
  16. nickid

    indicator not working

    wife can make and said indicator wasn't working. I went out and the main indicator on drivers side head light wasn't working. I changed the bulb and still nothing but the fog light flashes instead ? instead of the the indicator ? every other flasher is working. can someone help
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