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  1. edstrom76

    OM606.910 loss of power

    So I recently treated the old girl to some new parts, I replaced all six glow plugs as well as the fuel line (I had had a leak for a few weeks) along with all 12 moulded rubber hoses for the breather pipes. After putting her back together she starts up absolutely fine, replacing the glow plugs...
  2. edstrom76

    W209 Double DIN Unit

    Does anybody have an aftermarket unit knocking about, with sat nav etc? 7" or 8", not overly fussed. There seems to be quite a few Android units on eBay/Amazon and I thought I'd try my luck on here on the off chance you wanted to get rid. Bluetooth streaming compatibility would be a big plus...
  3. edstrom76

    W124 OS (driver's side)Electric Wing Mirror Wanted

    As above really. Need a complete set including glass, OEM only please.
  4. edstrom76

    My new runabout - bangernomics style

    Tbh I shouldn't really place her in the bangernomics bracket, it's unfair on her :) She's done 95k miles, has one previous owner (the wife's auntie) so I didn't mull too much over the decision of fetching her. Overall I'd say she's in near mint condition, she is a proper time machine and the...
  5. edstrom76

    Does anyone know this CLK?

    Mercedes-Benz CLK220 2.2TD CDI auto Sport 2009 09 Reg | eBay Thinking of buying it, looks tidy.
  6. edstrom76

    BNIB Microsoft Surface 3 4G LTE + Typecover + Tripmate Nano Auction finishes tomorrow night if you're interested.
  7. edstrom76

    CLS Shooting Brake

    Took delivery on Wednesday night. Lovely lovely car - I thought my old S204 was nice but this is in a different league. It's a Premium Plus so has lots of extras such as Harman Kardon, electric glass sunroof, memory package and keyless go. It also has the option of 360 camera (the bird-eye view...
  8. edstrom76

    Becker unit, S204 boot liner and ContiSport tyre for sale

    Just chopped my S204 in for a new chariot and these are surplus bits. Listed on Shpock under user name edstrom76.
  9. edstrom76

    PCP upping mileage

    As above, I'm 24 months in to a 36 month PCP agreement and may need to alter the annual mileage (currently10k) in a month or two. What is the process and is there anything in particular I need to consider? Would GFV stay the same? What's the extra charge per mile? Thanks in advance.
  10. edstrom76

    Are you an employer or work overtime?

    Then this might affect you: Essentially it's a new ruling stating that overtime should form part of your holiday pay. It looks like backdated claims are also a possibility - this could have a huge impact on businesses. It is unclear what the...
  11. edstrom76

    Android unidentified app

    I've an app running on my phone (HTC One M7) that I've no clue what it is, its the one to the left of the wireless symbol. Doesn't appear in list of all apps installed - any ideas what it's for?
  12. edstrom76

    New Volvo XC90

    High up on my shortlist come replacement time (which probably coincides with the XC90's mid-life facelift lol):
  13. edstrom76

    Ecclestone pays to end bribery trial

    BBC News - F1 boss Ecclestone pays to end bribery trial True irony is when a bribery case is settled by way of bribery. :fail
  14. edstrom76

    Anyone in the business of Supply Chain Management?

    Looking to make a jump from IT and SCM is on my list - please share your thoughts as to whether this would be a field worth exploring. What are the necessary qualifications required as a new candidate, and have you any recommendations as to where one acquires these? Also, would knowledge of SAP...
  15. edstrom76

    World's first holographic smartphone by Takee
  16. edstrom76

    New Engine Line-up?
  17. edstrom76

    Moose fatality caught on camera

    The driver was taken to hospital but was discharged on the same day without injuries. The moose died instantly unfortunately.
  18. edstrom76

    Spider invasion prompts Mazda software fix Love the comment by the Mazda spokesman at the end of the article :)
  19. edstrom76

    Going VAT registered

    The wife has a SME (beauty salon) and we've been on about whether or not to go VAT registered. At the moment her turnover is not exceeding £10k/annum so she's not paying any tax, but that's likely to increase as she gets more and more clients. She's doing really well. I am aware of the £81k/year...
  20. edstrom76

    MB finance 0%

    Does it exist e.g. similar to BMW where if you put 50% deposit down you can get 0% finance on the rest?
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