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  1. crockers

    IGL Kenzo

    Hi Has anyone had this applied to their car? If so is it any good?
  2. crockers

    Target reached.

    Just wanted to let you guys know that last night we held a black tie auction black ties weren't auctioned....and raised over £25,000. This alongside an interest free loan means Jessica has reached her target and flies out to USA on 4th August for her operation on the 11th. Once again...
  3. crockers


    Am going through the box set...imho it's brilliant....
  4. crockers

    Please accept my apologies for asking

    It is embarrassing to be posting this, but if anyone can help or point us in directions I would be verso grateful. Team Jess ? Help Jessica Kill raise money for life saving neurosurgery I have known Jessica since she was 10, a lovely child, one who has helped others all her life. She...
  5. crockers

    Goa v South Africa

    Having read the thread on Goa (one of two places we are considering) I was wondering if anyone can give me feedback on SA as we are trying to decide which one to visit next February. Many thanks in advance. Graham
  6. crockers

    Vacuum cleaner recommendations ??

    My wife asked me to vacuum the house and ours is broken......well I couldn't get it going.. Any recommendations for a good one ??
  7. crockers

    A Twist on a theme

    Have a merry Christmas and may your God go with you.
  8. crockers

    Cheaper fuel..

    Had this email through.....thought it may be of interest. Premium Diesel - Only 99.9p/litre guaranteed until 24/12/15 at Costco Bristol, Liverpool & Oldham
  9. crockers


    Has anyone driven one?? If so what do you think of it??
  10. crockers

    c63 v Alfa Romeo Guilia.

    Any of you C63 owners tempted by the new Alfa with a Ferrari derived V6??
  11. crockers


    Does anyone know when the new C Class will be available with 4matic and Airmatic??
  12. crockers

    OLED v 4K TVs

    Has anyone bought either of these. Saw the 55" LG OLED in Costco and thought it was having read the interwebby am completely confused.
  13. crockers

    New written drink drive test..

    New test as below....
  14. crockers

    why are people so dishonest.

    Hi. Why are people so dishonest? Stopped to let someone out of a doctors surgery and a car backed out of a drive into my rear bumper. Not much damage just a wee scrapping of two marks about the size of your little finger nail if not smaller. The driver got out and apologised. I could...
  15. crockers

    how to drive.........a scooter

    This had me in stitches // Media » Worst Scooter Driver Ever!
  16. crockers

    Laminated Glass

    Is having Laminated glass all round a good or a bad thing? Good - quieter, less likely to get break ins Bad - If bad accident harder to smash windows. Any thoughts ?
  17. crockers

    Resistance is will be assimilated

    The Little Metronome That Wouldn't : Krulwich Wonders... : NPR
  18. crockers

    Damn glasses cost me dear

    Went out for dinner in the Volvo V60 and afterwards as I was cleaning my glasses they broke. So Mrs C drove home. Noticed She was nervous and not placing the car well. Mentioned it and she said she hates driving the car as she prefers her crv and sitting up high. To cut a long story short have...
  19. crockers

    Quandry ....

    Am thinking of changing my car, long story but bottom line ius SWMBO doesn't like the visibilty when driving . . Have been offered a great deal on a new XC60, but I like the E class. am tempted by a 4 month old E300 Hybrid , or maybe a E250 cdi. Not interested in the V6 as I've had far too...
  20. crockers

    Nexus 4

    Does anyone use this phone? I'm pleased with my Nexus 7 tab but hate my HTC Desire C phone.
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