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    Unplugged dash cam

    Was surprised to find my dash cam unplugged when car was returned to me from having a service. never happened before. After ringing Mercedes they told me that it was in the terms mentioned on job sheet. Apparently, this is done for the privacy of the driver. Can't see why they would need...
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    It's decided.

    Car runs way better on BP Ultimate. Seems to have got bored with Shell V Power. Smooth running and acceleration...quieter as well. Minds made up and I will not be talked out of it....ever :-)
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    Serious tyre wear but which replacement..

    The Continental Conti Sport Contact 5 MO tyres on the front are wearing on the edges bad.... especially the nearside. Rest of the tyre appears to have little wear. The rear are wearing evenly. I am quite disappointed as the unknown brand I had on when I bought the car, wore down quite evenly...
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    Only number it knows is 'MB'....grrr!

    Not sure what has gone wrong over last few days but, car only seems to want to call MB ? Reset Command. Told iPhone to forget Bluetooth to car. Reconnected etc. Still it just wants to call MB. Most likely a setting someplace on phone that is blocking access to my address book....probably ...
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    Tyre wear..

    Both tyres bought at the same time time and all wheel alignment done at same time. Car does' not pull to either side....slight drift to the left on left hand side of road ...and to the right on right hand side of road. Set-up feels ideal. Nevertheless, there is obvious wear on the edge of...
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    Best place to get one of these.. Nearside rear sill cover thingy. They are stick on, though this one maybe beyond saving. Also, a part number if anyone could help would be great. Thanks
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    Car reverses into me in car park whilst I am parked. She admits responsibility as do her insurers. So, I contact my insurers 'Churchill' who get a company to contact me re doing repairs etc. I ask if my perforation warrenty will still be! I then contact Mercedes who tell me...
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    W204 reversing sensor

    Obviously, I can hear the forward facing bleeper very clear as it is right next to me. The reversing one though in my estate sounds quiet...Is there anything I can do to improve this........apart from a hearing aid....or, turn down stereo....:-)
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    Sytner Mercedes

    Are they really at all interested? Have requested a qute online for a service reply. Have requested a service plan call reply. I have just about had enough with them. I need a B7 service in 50 days and that includes a auto box oil change. Do I trust a local...
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    Front tyres worn on inside.

    Is that due entirely to tracking? Or is there any other possible issues that could possibly cause this. I am actually talking on the innermost ,err, tread segment. There car steer and feels just fine. The tyres are half worn otherwise. Speed bumps I rarely ever need to use at all...
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    Specialists around Wiltshire/Gloucestershire

    Are there any? Just seems that Mercedes Sytner Swindon do not understand basic english. 'Contact this warrenty company not this company'. They ignore that and contact the wrong one and infact I have a claim accepted fraudunently. They seemed not bothered. I had to explain all this...
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    Supreme/Super diesel.

    Seems to be getting harder to come by. Garages around this way seem to be giving up the whole idea!
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    Socks or chains.

    Ok, maybe not chains. But am thinking of those snow sock type things, as a get home from work if it is not too far option. Any recommendations...even if its 'they are a waste of time'. Thanks.
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    Air con. Continuing saga.

    Nearly solved. Kwik Fit re-gased a few months ago and told me there are no leaks. Month later...out of gas. Mercedes had a look, re-gassed and said there are no leaks and Kwik Fit did not do it correctly. Month later...out of gas. Went back to Mercedes who tell me that three...
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    Seat Covers

    <<< That car. Looking for some front seat covers. Need to look like they were designed for these seats and thinish. And good quality as well. :-) These half leather seats seem more like half plastic and along the seem there is a couple of small places where the leather/plastic is coming...
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    Those black round things

    So, what do you do? When it comes to new tyre do you buy...
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    Any ideas

    Any ideas on what might have caused this? have owned this car for several months and it is perfect in every other way. I am not overly concerned. [IMG]][IMG]
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    Which, where from and what price...

    ...for some new rear tyres? Joking, no need as I am sure I can sort myself. Then of course if the red dot is not opposite the valve and the rings around the tread go accross instead of around and the colours do not all merge and change to white.......way too much for me. Get em' from MB I...
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    Rear bumper protector

    Anyone have a recommendation on this. There appears to be many available on the internet. Thanks.
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    How do I...

    ...stop the tailgate and interior lights coming on/staying on if I leave tailgate open ? Bet it is simple ? Thanks.
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