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    v12 help me please! :) urgent! :|

    I went today to a workshop, and there, they told me the 300TD ( 1992 ) didn't fit on the 190 2.5 TD . Only on the 2.3 16v car 'cause it's 6 cm's longer than the 2.5TD. Is it true? or can i fit the 300TD in the 2.5TD chassis? For the wheels. I'm confused. I don't know if i better put a...
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    Getting new wheels for W201 and new tyres

    ok ... here it goes. under this , are some wheels i like to get into my W201. The tyres are Eagle F1 ( new model ) 225/17/40 or 215/17/45, yet to decide. So, here it goes and give me your thougts AMG 5 Spoke 203 AMG 5 Spoke 170 Kahn Design RS-R 1000Miglia EVO OZ Crono Evolution...
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    What to do in a 250TD and 300TD engine ?

    What can i do to get more power from this engines? my thoughts 1. New and bigger intercooler 2. More pressure in the turbo 3. New exaust line 4. New BMC Carbon Dinamic Admission 5. Rebuild some air lines and tubes tell me more mods that kan get this baby up and runing with the big boys <img...
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    Getting 270Cdi or 320Cdi into a W201 or W124?

    Is it possible to get a 220CDi, 270CDi or a 320Cdi engine into a W201 model? ( 190 ) ... and into the W124? What changes must we performe ( appart form all the gear box, fuel line, suspensions, brakes ).
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    mods in a 3.000cc turbo diesel engine

    Ok, i've got a 3.000cc turbo diesel engine that i'm going to install in my W201. I'm thinking on getting a Garret T3 style Turbo, a new Intercooler ( from the E320Cdi maybe ) and i'm remodeling the tubes system, the air system ( in and out ). I'm with some doubts thought. Is it possible to get...
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    New around here! :)

    I there! i'm new around the corner! i've a house of mercedes. lol 1 Mercedes E300TD ( 1994 ) 1 Mercedes E270CDi ( 2001 ) 1 Mercedes E220CDi ( 2001 ) 1 Mercedes 190 2.5 TD soon to bem 3.0TD . So, i'm going to ask you some answers to my doubts now and then. <img...
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