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    Wrong KC

    My Blaupunkt Paris RCM 127 displays "WRONG KC" when I insert the Key Card after I collected it from a bodyshop where it had gone for repairs. The vehicle was in the bodyshop for a month. Mercedes wants to charge one hour labour to recode the card. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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    Free MB Health Check??

    Free health check I took my car in for a free health check. They gave me a 2 page list of faults that needed to be repaired. Took car to local workshop where I normally go and apart from worn tyres (which I replaced), nothing needed to be done in their opinion. Merc claimed stuff like V belt...
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    BAS/ASR Brake Light Switch

    I have a Mercedes E200 Elegance (W210). I replaced the brake light switch because the BAS/ASR warning light on the panel was on. The switch was bought from Mercedes Now my rear brake lights remain on constantly. Could it be that the switch is faulty and needs to be replaced? Any other...
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