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    Hydraulic/spring tensioner 97 C180

    I have a loud engine tapping on start up that stops after a minuit of raised revs, I was thinking stuck lifter but its more likely a lifter that wont hold pressure when not running. Also considering chain tensioner with bust spring that can cope once oil pressure takes over, is that how the...
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    checking auto oil level

    I changed the oil some time ago 97 C180 722.6 5 speed however not sure that i have the correct dip stick , mine has 2 brass ferules ,what are the measurements from the tip to the ferules?.
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    sticky tappet C180 1997

    I have a intermittent sticky tappet,sometimes it clicks for a few seconds on start ,other times is starts quietly then clatters after a few minuits running. Sometimes this stops for no reason. I am fairly adept at mechanics having done my own engine/gearbox/axle repairs many years ago. Is there...
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    97 c180 immob fix

    My c180 stopped and wont start,the lights ,(red/green)flash in the mirror. I have fitted new batts to fob,tried the card key and the small key that plugs in by the door .The immob is behind the dash (which is out now).I have tried the usual tricks to reset, the fob rattles but the card key does...
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