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  1. ALFAitalia

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    A front plate on the back!!!
  2. ALFAitalia

    C63 downpour removal

    Most custom exhausts are cat nothing wrong there. If you delete any cats whilst replacing your exhaust technically its illegal and an MOT fail......but then so are many other things that no one worries about. Technically it can void your insurance too.....but again I've never heard...
  3. ALFAitalia

    C63 downpour removal

    Slightly more power....especially if you have mapped on a rolling road to match.....and more of that lovely V8 rumble. Keep the resonators and you should not get too much drone in the cabin. I did this very job a friends car.....and then he went further and fitted LTHs......with no cats at all...
  4. ALFAitalia

    C63 downpour removal

    Yes....Long Tube Headers.... Or you could go Short tube....not quite as many horses....but easier to fit and no ground clearance lost....which can be an issue with certain Long headers.
  5. ALFAitalia

    C63 downpour removal

    Theoretically removal of any factory fitted emissions equipment is a fail....whether it passed the emissions test or not (so thats you who remove EGRs, secondary cats etc) we all know that in the real world most testers don't know what each and every car should have and if it passes the...
  6. ALFAitalia

    Have You Seen Any Interesting Cars On The Road Lately?

    Wow.....that must be a few quids worth......Pretty thing.....I like the spare spark plug holder!!
  7. ALFAitalia

    An EQT coming one day?

    Looks like it could be fresh out of any car factory in China!! Why the need to make EVs look freaky!?....I dont like the E Mini or the e Golf.....but at least they look like normal cars!! Most of the EV Mercs don't look great to me. I see they need to be good aero wise to get that max...
  8. ALFAitalia

    Have You Seen Any Interesting Cars On The Road Lately?

    Mines all one colour (ALFA Rosso)....after nearly 13 years!
  9. ALFAitalia

    Time for MB A service! Oil

    Many other companies did exactly the same....Mercedes being one of them of course!!!
  10. ALFAitalia

    Resonator delete - underwhelmed.....

    The turbos and the GPF do most of the silencing on modern cars. My ALFA exhaust was replaced by me for a straight through system end to silencers...just a small factory sounds no louder than ir was when silenced! I was disappointed! The factory silencers were very...
  11. ALFAitalia

    Have You Seen Any Interesting Cars On The Road Lately?

    WHAT?'s a Ferrari......therefore the only acceptable colour is red! Same for ALFAs...all of mine have been red. If its Italian and half stylish, red it is. Old Brit classic cars are green, fast German cars are silver, Italian ones are red! .......That one does look good in yellow though!
  12. ALFAitalia

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Not really....very slightly smaller footprint than a 212 E Class....just taller.
  13. ALFAitalia

    This looks like fun!.....anyone on here?

    Cheapest 213 E63 I've seen is just under 50k (at Peter Cooper's in Southampton as it happens)....and then you have the cost of the Brabus tuning on the 212 Brabus above will be rather cheaper.......
  14. ALFAitalia

    This looks like fun!.....anyone on here?

    850 horse Brabus converted E63 5.5......not something you see everyday. Luv it (apart from the horrid B on the grille they insist on using....would be replaced with a Merc star if it was mine!!.....but well outside my price bracket!! Thought id post it due to rarity and if anyone was looking for...
  15. ALFAitalia

    CLS 63 SB - Monkey See; Monkey Want; Monkey Nervous...

    .............oh its supposed to be that way around. That's where I've been going wrong........
  16. ALFAitalia

    AliExpress ABC Shock Absorbers

    I think that was right years ago.....but these days many of those so called "Quality items" are made in exactly the same factories in China as the so called "cheap pattern part".....often its exactly the same part in a different box! Even Mercedes are not adverse to sourcing cheap Chinese parts...
  17. ALFAitalia

    Factory fitted tyres

    Back in the days of nearly everything being RWD (Cortinas, Capris etc) we all used to put heavy stuff in the boot in the winter when conditions were not great. I remember my dad putting backs of cement in the boot of the Mk2 Escort. Fine until you DID loose traction.then you had loads more...
  18. ALFAitalia

    CLK W209 2007 wing mirrors go down when adjusted upwards

    The ridged rubber tube that protects the cables as they pass into the door. Sorry for stealing another members pic!!
  19. ALFAitalia

    Hi all - my first CL500 C215

    Cool....and get some pics up!!!
  20. ALFAitalia

    M177 AMG 4.0S engine in Aston DB11

    Cool.....If you are going to have a shooting brake might as well be a Ferrari shooting brake!!.....and unlike the Merc version it actually IS a shooting brake!!!
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