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    W210 Removal of EIS

    Hi, Have a 1999 W210 E240 Both keys playing up. Found a place in B'ham that can sort this if we send them the EIS and keys. Is EIS removal a simple DIY or will I need to get an independent involved? We are based in London. Any EIS/key specialists in the city? Ta
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    Is black box insurance worth it

    cheapest quote for me was admiral black box. About £160 cheaper At the end of they year do you earn a NCD like any other insurance? Therefore your free to move? Does BB data get shared amongst different insurers? Is the black box a big clunky thing that looks unsightly in your dream car...
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    Recommend plate maker (3D gel)

    Prices seem to vary quite a bit from about £25 on eBay to £50 on other sites. Just wondering if any recommendations? I think 3D gel plates are what I want
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    Getting insurance for additional car and NCD.

    Wife and I have had 2 cars for decades. Pay pitifully low insurance due to each of us having >15y no claims discounts. anyway, getting a 3rd car and keeping the other 2. Its a high value vehicle. it hurts to hear that one has to start with a new insurance policy with zero NCD. any strategies...
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    new iPhone keeps dropping bluetooth connection +

    Something real weird has started to happen with my car/phone. Everything was fine with my previous iPhone (XSMax), Now switched to iPhone pro and all was OK until a recent upgrade. Now a range of really weird shite is going on. The BT connection drops every minute of conversation. End up...
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    pothole damage and recourse

    Damned pothole in middle of road has shredded a tyre that will cost me £240 to sort. Do I have any recourse with the council?
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    Negotiating with dealer and they register the car without notice

    Advice on logic here. non Mercedes but another well known German marque with dieselgate issues. exchanging emails over a car over a few days. They know I’m interested. Car was in dealership. out of blue got an email saying it’s been registered and therefore the 0% finance and plug in grant...
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    iPhone holder for c classe with circular vents

    Need a solution iPhone+current c class have magnetic holder using air vent but vent swings left to right during turns. Not ideal any thoughts? dont want magnetic as want to use wireless charging.
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    Question on previous owner on V5. MB financial

    looking at a car. 1 owner Listed on V5 as “MB Financial Services UK LTD” next line then says “C/O xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Accident Repair Center” Followed by address of said centre. Does that mean anything?
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    2017 C43: New front tyres needed. Do I need to stick with runflat if rears are Cont SSR?

    Hi, On purchase my C43 was crabbing (19 inch) MB changed all 4 tyres to Continental Contisportcontact5 SSR. Now, Ive blown a front tyre and notices both fronts are bald. Rears look OK. So need 2 new front tyres. Do the front need to be run flats? thoughts on sticking to same make? I can...
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    recommend a 2nd hand car <6k for provisional driver

    Want to get a small 5dr car which is cheap to buy and insure me + a provisional driver (20y old son). Any thoughts? Current list includes a VW Up, Vaux Corsa, Smart for four, possible Toyota Aygo.
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    Mercedes Benz UK web site - utterly awful

    Is it just me or is the MB web site utterly rubbish. I love the brand but am totally perplexed at how difficult it is to navigate. Really difficult to see a specific model and actually configure it. Porsche actually are v good with this. Simple navigation tree straight into the meat of the...
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    Pothole defensive driving

    kinda sad but at almost 3k for a set of new AMG’s, my driving style has increasingly become erratic as I take care to avoid the wheels going through potholes. I can see them slowly opening up again. I few of the worst near me were filled by council in Spring and now breaking apart. Isn’t...
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    W205; changed iPhone and Spotify not streaming

    hi, iPhone 7 was working fine as a remote device when connected with USB. New iPhone not working. Keeps saying it’s trying to activate the device, but music not playing. All other functions seem fine Please help. Bluetooth audio works fine but quality not the same
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    Apple car play retrofit to relatively new car

    hi, my class coming up to 1y. Has premium plus. Does not have Apple car play. Can this be retrofitted? Ta
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    W210 facelift drivers side mirror replacement

    Hi, advice required. 1999 E240 elegance. Facelift version. The drivers side mirror and failed and become cloudy. The side mirror otherwise functions just fine, its just the mirror glass. Now my post relates to options for replacement. I've seen clip ons in ebay which I presume are nasty...
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    Computer says first service is B

    is this normal? C43Amg All previous mercs cycled A/B. This car is indicating the first service should be B Seems odd
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    Light grey naps leather cleaner

    please recommend. I have been using Zymol for years. My bottle is almost finished. Went to buy again and can’t find it except for a ridiculous price on the web.
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    C class; mobile phone volume issue

    my c class has Bluetooth and premium plus so has Burmeister. My issue with phone conversations in the car is that it’s v difficult to hear what caller is saying at any speed on the motorway. The volume can be increased but only to a certain level that still isn’t loud enough for me. However...
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    W205 panels between the windows c43

    saloon. Passenger side windows. Here are 2 bits of vertical trim between the windows (covering the B pillar) Got a slight scratch across both. It’s a tin whitish line. Not sure how to get rid? The car is silver but these panels are black
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