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    W220 S500 Rear Seat Removal (Help)

    I am currently trying to track a power problem on my head rest screens and dvd player and I need to follow the leads to see if there is an in situ fuse. However I will need to remove my rear seats. They are electric in the rear so I'm wondering if anyone has a how to remove the rear seats...
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    Head Rest Screens

    I have screens in the head rests of my 2002 W220 and I have lost power to both of them and the 6 disc dvd player in the boot. As this was a modification done by the previous owner I have no idea where the fuse or relay would be to check if they were still working. Does anyone have these screens...
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    S500 Exhaust Upgrade?

    I have a 2002 W220 S500 and I would like to get a more sporty note from the V8 but I don't know where to source the correct system from Any suggestions? Cheers
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    Windscreen washers on my W220 not working

    Yesterday I ran out of water for the headlight and windscreen bottle and the warning sign came on. I filled it up but did not try it yesterday. However today I went to use it and nothing came out. I thought at first it might be the fuse (f10 which I can't find) but now I don't think its that as...
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    Battery totally flat- help

    I have an 02 s500 w220 and my children left the rear dvd players on and they have drained the battery flat. Where the car is positioned I can't get access to use jump leads so I'll need to get a battery pack. Can anyone tell me what size of battery pack/charger would be needed for this type of...
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    -15 and now nothing works! (W220)

    I stay on the outskirts of Aberdeen and it has been so cold the last two days (-15 in some cases). Since then the central locking has stopped working, the soft closure doors are not working and the boot (trunk) release won't open. The boot won't even open manually as it feels locked. Can anyone...
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    S500 Alarm keeps going off!

    Hi I am based in Aberdeen Scotland and during the last few days is has been raining heavily. Today whilst sitting in my office my alarm kept going off. I tried to convince myself that the alarm might just be to sensitive with heavy trucks going past, setting it off however when I think about it...
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    Noisy engine on my S500

    In the last few days I've thought that the car (W220 S500 2002) had been sounding a bit off i.e. a faint ticking sound. I took off the plastic engine cover to locate the noise and I'm 99% sure its from the engine itself. I checked the oil and it seems to have used a small amount but nothing...
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    Leaking struts on my W220 fixed but now what!

    As the title says I have just replaced and repaired my leaking front struts on my W220 S500 but now there still seems to be problems. I always thought that the pump came on to often (not that I know how much times it should come on). The problems are (i) the pump still comes on every time I...
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    TV - Can I fit this

    My 2002 W220 has the function button for the tv on the command unit but I do not have the tv function when you press the button. Can anyone tell me what is required to have this extra fitted (I am presuming that the wiring etc would already be fitted in the unit) Thanks
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    W220 Tail light bulbs

    I purchased a pair of the clear rear lense lights for my W220 and I have to say I was pleased how they looked with the silver paintwork, however the lights came with a red bulb for the tail lights and I believe its a 566 bulb. One of these bulbs has now went and I'll be dammed if I can find...
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    W220 Airmatic problem again

    Guys I have just purchased the repair kits to hopefully make good the airmatic system again but I can't find the thread that gave the description on how to fit these seals. I'm honestly not being lazy so if someone can point me in the right direction on where to find it I would be grateful...
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    Recommended Garages for North East Scotland

    Hi As the title says I'm wondering if anyone can recommend any garages for repairs on my W220 etc up here in the NE Scotland (preferably Aberdeen) Thanks guys
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    W220 Side Lights

    I am considering changing my side lights on my W220 to led white bulbs to hopefully get rid of the original ones that give the yellow light, but can someone tell me if I am running the risk of getting a fault message by fitting these. (long story cut short "has anyone else did this mod and had...
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    Heater making funny noises when cold

    On my W220 when I put on the heating on in the morning when the car is cold the squealing and squeaking coming from the blower is doing my nut in. It seems to be a bit less of a pain if I put the system on to high but that might just be a case of not hearing it over the noise of the fans. It...
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    S500 Phone

    I have 2002 W220 and it has the features on the dash and steering wheel for the phone system but I don't have the phone installed. Can anyone tell me if the required wiring etc is pre insalled in to these cars and if so can the mercedes phone be fitted or is it a trip down to halfords for the...
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    Where is Chas?

    Hi I'm trying to get hold of a fellow member on the forum (CHAS) but I am unable to pm him. I'm a fellow scot and would like to ask him about some of his upgrades so if anyone can pm him and ask him to pm me it would be appreciated cheers
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    W220 Bumper Removal

    I am trying in vain to find out where I can get new clear lense headlights for my W220. When I evetually do I read two different stories that one you have to remove the front bumper to do this and two I read on an american site that it was possible without the removal. Does anyone know where I...
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    Indicator lense removal (W220)

    Anyone got a description on how to remove the side repeater lense from the mirrors on a w220 Cheers
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    I am desperate to buy a front set of xenon headlights for a W220 but the lenses must be clear. If anyone has a set for sale or knows where I could get please post back Thanks Craig
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