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    Preserving a lump sum?

    I appreciate the wealth of knowledge on this forum and would like to ask opinions on the above. We're approaching early retirement and have some cash savings that are getting very little to no interest and can't decide if it's better to let it sit for another year or so and see where things...
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    Bliidy Mercedes

    I'm gonna rant about these darned cars ... the E320 has been in the shop for two days getting work done for the MOT in the morning, brake pipes needed, another ball joint, replacement flasher units in both folding mirrors etc etc 480quid and the warning light has just come back on Re the bliddy...
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    Johnny Noakes ... where is he?

    Just wondering if any of the well connected folks on here would happen to know where he is and how I could contact him ... that is the one of 'Blue Peter' fame .... And perhaps even 'Dora of Follyfoot' would love to say hello in person to both these folks ... TIA
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    Clogs, mules, slip-ons for men

    I'm looking for a new pair of something in this line ... I wear them everyday, summer and winter ... I've bought the expensive ones and the cheaper ones, all had fault ... last pair were Crocs at 25quid and they wore well, were comfy, but lately have become a death trap in the wet, I tend to...
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    Summer Tyres ...

    A little out of season but hey, I'm all sorted for the winter and I'll need new tyres for the summer. I've always been a great Michelin fan, but replaced the Goodyear NCT's on the E320 with the same again last time, as I did like the feel and handling of the car. I'm not a racer by any means...
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    Which car?

    My 1997 C250 has 4 months MOT to run and she will then be going to the breakers yard ... I'm looking for a replacement car and don't know/ can't decide what I should be looking for... I'm not wanting to spend more than 5k GBP, I'd like diesel, automatic, nice genuine condition, etc...
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    I've an idea !

    Hi folks, I was watching TV a few nights back and an idea came to me that I feel is brill ... I think all cars will have this in the future, but I don't know what to do / where to go with my idea ! I know I'm not in a position to do it myself, what should I do / see? Thanks folks I know...
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    Home standby generator advice needed

    Hi there, I've been looking for a small generator as a standby ... I've been looking at Honda EU20i and the Kipor 2000 ... I only need to keep the freezer, fridge, tv and a few lights going ... would I be looking in the right direction? Does anyone know of any good deals available? I've...
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    Want to know?

    Sorry if this has been posted before, I've just found it! Its a site that can tell you inadvance if you've been caught speeding. Cheers :eek:
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    Wanted - Gold Sovereigns

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy Gold Sovereign coins, I'm not looking to pay the silly prices on the bay, but neither will I insult you. If you care to drop me a PM, perhaps we can do a deal. TIA Cheers :)
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    Question about P&P?

    I was wondering what the correct way of doing this is? If you buy goods over the phone for eg. and it comes to 100 and they then add on VAT at 15%, gives you 115 and then they add on the P&P say another 10, so total is 125. Or its 100 + 10 P&P + VAT = 126.50 Is there a correct way...
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    Replacement Windscreen!

    Hi folks, Just recently my windscreen cracked across my view from a stone chip, that should probably have been sorted earlier in the year. Anyhow, I rang three companies, 1st quoted me 140 all in, second was 540 all in and third was 115 all in ... I had my windscreen replaced by the third...
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    12 volt ceramic heater questions?

    I was wondering if anyone had one of these? and if so what do you think of it? I've looked at a few online and they are not expensive ... so I was thinking they may be a waste of time, if not even dangerous? Any views appreciated, I did read about them somewhere but could not find it just...
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    Interesting advert!

    Sorry if this has been on here before... Cheers ;)
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    WTB ... Nokia 6021 or 6300

    Hi everyone, Just thought I'd ask if anyone has a 6021 or 6300 gathering dust, that they might consider parting with for a little cash. Thanks in advance :)
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    Hiring RV in USA / Canada

    Hi everyone, Well, with all this wet weather we're planning a special trip next year, 25 years married to boot. We're thinking about hiring a RV for 3 -4 weeks but don't really know where to start? My wife has never been to the USA / Canada before so I was thinking perhaps the New England...
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    E320 best tyres?

    Sorry to bring up a tyre thread again, but.... I am almost needing two tyres for the rear of my E320 and I'm most confused as to what to put on. I have been reading over a lot of the old threads again but don't really see a pattern emerging (excuse the pun). I'm after good grip wet and dry...
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    The Future?

    Just researching and found this... Could this be a possibility for Mercedes in 2009 or 2010? Another link... Cheers :)
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    Buying Gold Sovereigns?

    Hi everyone, I've asked this on other forums, and thought that it might get some interesting answers here also.. I have some investments that I've drip fed over the years, but I let my cash reserves get low recently and I had to go to three ATM's before i got one that had any money in it...
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    W211 - and Nokia 6310i

    Hi everyone, This happened my wife on her way to work this morning... She rang out on the cars steering wheel controls, got connected and got cut off instantly, she thought she had lost signal for a moment. The other person then rang her back and they had their conversation, when finished...
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