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    Happy Birthday, s500colin

    Happy Belated Birthday Colin!
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    Headlight difference w211

    there's more than two! Halogen, Xenon, active curve, facelift, pre facelift. chassis number will determine which one you need
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    Sports cars in the park - cancelled for 2020

    TRAX at Silverstone has been cancelled for 2020 too
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    Comand NGT1 bluetooth music streaming

    Viseeo used to make similar item as the Bovee unit, but it showed the track names when used with the oem iPod kit. nice n easy setup if you have the iPod kit already there. for those that don't have the iPod kit, the Alpine EZI-DAB units are very good and the latest are very easy to install.
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    E55 cut out not starting

    normally just the fuel pump relay that would stop the power, no cut out that I know about
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    W211 Battery Drain/Short Circuit

    there are so many control modules in these cars, it's a little time consuming but it will be a. case of checking voltage draw on each fuse.
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    E55 AMG W211 problem with suspension driving modes

    are you sure there is no leak? it should not lower when stationary
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    E55 AMG W211 problem with suspension driving modes

    not much in the manual, there's a lot of info on the net on this, having owned 2 x E55's for the the last 12 years its definitelylower and stiffer on sports 2
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    W211 Battery Drain/Short Circuit

    When you say you had to break into it, did you not use the blade key to open the door instead?
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    E55 AMG W211 problem with suspension driving modes

    sport 2 is stiffer and slightly lower than the other modes. not always obvious either.
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    Familiar E55 W211 Moved to New Home Further North

    You may well be right, probably why it draws. bugger though as I think the newer modules don't draw no-where near as much, but they don't have a in car controller. hope you and the family are well!
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    Familiar E55 W211 Moved to New Home Further North

    Hi Pat, will probably be the lowering module, put the live wire onto a switch to stop the drain. Alarm siren is under 2 years old so won't be that. hope your all well !
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    Wheel Refurbishment help and recommendations in/around London/Essex

    I use wheelworx in colchester, good prices and good finish.
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    Familiar E55 W211 Moved to New Home Further North

    Tracker antenea I would say
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    C43 AMG w202 estate

    Jays one was lovely and went under £10K if i remember
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    New Spare Key W211 3 Button (NEC chip) Options Where to Buy ?

    They came with my E55 Pat. You can buy the outer shells, plenty of aftermarket ones on Alibaba or Ebay
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    Template for re instating bootlid badges

    there are template's , different ones for different models, I bought a set for the 211, they aren`t worth the money tbh as they don`t help with letter spacing , just positioning.
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    W205 downshift jerk

    worth getting the oil checked, also for any leaks... if its the 7G gearbox then they tend to be jerky till warmed up
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    Boon's C63 BEAST Plus Mode activated!!

    looking good boon, definitely make it stand out and stances alot better!
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    Caroline Flack.....R.I.P

    very sad news, so young
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