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    Mitsubishi Pulling out of UK and Europe

    This is getting silly. The figures you are claiming would make it 10" narrower than a Ford Fiesta. As difficult as it seems to be for you to believe, the numbers are correct and verified by other independent sources as w/o mirrors. And yes, a 41" wide load bed (the manufacturers quoted figure)...
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    Mercedes w140 wiper blades

    Mercedes dealer? They would seem to be the logical outlet under the circumstances.
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    R129 front wings

    Welcome to MB's policy of price gouging. Picked up the correct set of brake pads pins and spring plates for my rear calipers, £110 :oops: Even the parts chap at Sandown questioned how they could justify that. Worse still, for the solid or later vented setups these parts are a third of the price...
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    No more than yours ;)
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    In his defence, he says exactly that before doing it. It is indeed bad practice, but sometimes you have to improvise when a job is not going to plan. I'm sure he won't be at all interested in your tool kit 😆
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    £100 extra for 7G transmission service just because it's an AMG

    What about work to recalibrate the system? I would not be surprised to find that the clutch packs, solenoids etc required recalibration after the fluid change, for aspects such as bite point, pressure values etc. That could account for the extra work over a TC box which is fill and forget.
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    Cheap w124 convertible

    It doesn't help that the advert has tones of the classic "Now that I've found out how much it's going to cost to fix, I'm trying to get shot of it while pretending it's not that bad"
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    Parrot Mki9200 and unika and cd changer

    This is a 10 year old thread, from an OP who hasn't been here in over 3 years. You may not get a quick response I'm afraid.
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    Mitsubishi Pulling out of UK and Europe

    The 63 has enormous wheel arch flares compared to the normal shell. However, this really just proves that it has got fat too, which is a problem when your car parks, width restrictions etc etc haven't. The standard E-class has been around 71/72" since the 211, which suggests it's about the...
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    Mitsubishi Pulling out of UK and Europe

    74-75 according to the 2020 Tacoma brochure. W213 is 72.
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    Mitsubishi Pulling out of UK and Europe

    It's the width that's more of a issue than length, Tacoma is 3-4" wider than the others available here. In a land of tiny parking spaces and width restrictions, that's a problem.
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    Mitsubishi Pulling out of UK and Europe

    The old man has a crewcab Hilux and that is bad enough to park etc. It's dwarfed by the Tacoma, that is simply too big to be practical on UK roads. We have the Ranger and the Colorado/Canyon here (in Isuzu D-max form), but these are all regarded as being large pickups - anything bigger on the...
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    Mitsubishi Pulling out of UK and Europe

    What would classify as a light truck in the US?
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    New Forest Meet

    If the SL is serviceable then I'm in, but realistically can't commit until St Oliver of the Blessed Spanner has heard confession.
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    Adrian Flux - a bit worried after signing up...

    Most underwriters won't view PPF and painted door handles as mods that have an explicit monetary value, and thus there's no scheme in place to cover these on a like for like replacement basis. That is why you got the responses you did regarding not needing to know the value - they've noted them...
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    Mitsubishi Pulling out of UK and Europe

    The Taxlander had the rug pulled out from under it when EV taxation and grants changed.
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    Third party has gone into radio silence....

    You don't need them, they will be able to find them out from the vehicle details. Fully expect he may deny it happened though, so unless you have independent corroboration or written admission you may find yourself with a fight on your hands.
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    Aluminium trim staining

    Someone's been spraying TFR around like Lynx on a lad's night out.
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    R129. Rusted metal line. Which part is it?

    I think the idea is that it's meant to act as some sort of cooling mechanism, as otherwise it does seem a pointlessly complicated route.
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    R129. Rusted metal line. Which part is it?

    I edited it once I'd worked out what it was :thumb: To be honest, if it did fail I'd be inclined to speak to someone like Pirtek to have a new hardline made for far less. It would still be worth checking local prices with dealers though, I've just paid £40 for some brake pins and springs that...
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