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  1. Piff

    Mitsubishi Pulling out of UK and Europe

    Had a request today to complete a survey from Kadence International on behalf of Mitsubishi. Mainly asking about views on different engine types
  2. Piff

    Tyres - sorry! Goodyear Aysmmetric 5

    Well............ Couldn't find any Goodyear Asy 3's so I've decided to go for Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT's all round. That gives me a spare front to use in the future if necessary and an unmatched emergency spare for the rear. The only other option I was tempted by was a full set of Avon ZV7's...
  3. Piff

    End of the road for the 747.

    First flew in one of those to New York courtesy of Freddie Laker in 1976. (Missed the hot summer in the UK!) Initial thoughts were amazement that something so big could actually take off.
  4. Piff

    Diesel emissions claims

    That advertisement has popped up more than once on my screen. I have had 2 cars which qualify to join their class action but not sure whether to sign up :dk:
  5. Piff

    Tyres - sorry! Goodyear Aysmmetric 5

    Any info to back that up? I have a tyre dilemma. For a while I have been getting the "check tyre pressure warning" about every 3 weeks. When washing the car at the weekend I noticed one of the fronts has a small chunk out of the side wall. The tyre pressure warning relates to one of the rears...
  6. Piff

    Happy Birthday, Gollom

    Happy (belated) Birthday
  7. Piff

    Belated Happy Birthday Koolvin

    Happy Birthday
  8. Piff

    CVT on A class & B class

    I've had CVT in an Audi A6 Avant 1.9TDi. No problems with it. Seem to recall that there were 6 "programmed" gears so you could select if you wanted.
  9. Piff

    Happy Birthday, Happytalk73

    Happy (talk73) Birthday
  10. Piff

    Support Student Nurses

  11. Piff

    Advice needed please...Regarding Lightweight Air Rifle for Rat control...Thanks

    A neighbour caught a rat in a trap set for a squirrel. I don't know the power of his air rifle but it took 3 pellets with the barrel of the rifle up to the bars of the cage to finish it off, with the rat flying at the end of the barrel to try to bite it.
  12. Piff

    SLK200 for her indoors.

    The 250d is surprisingly agile. I'd have another in an instant. If you go for the Fire Opal Red , carefully check the metal panels under good light for micro blistering.
  13. Piff

    Hello and help with voice instructions.

    Have a look here Page 24 covers speech entry but I can't see anything about training it to recognise your voice. COMAND does have this feature though,
  14. Piff

    If you had only one album...................

    I'll have another go - Queen - A night at the Opera
  15. Piff

    If you had only one album...................

    Rick Wakeman - Journey to the Centre of the Earth
  16. Piff

    If you had only one album...................

    Elton John - Captain Fantastic & the Brown Dirt Cowboy
  17. Piff

    If you had only one album...................

    Dark Side Of The Moon
  18. Piff

    Men's Leather Belts

    I received one as a gift a couple for years ago. IIRC it was from Next. Wearing well at the moment.
  19. Piff

    Obsessive Research!

    Nope - it's not just you.............................
  20. Piff

    Happy Birthday, C43AMG

    Happy birthday
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