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  1. daveenty

    AMG badge fell off- is my car still an AMG ?

    Straight to Affalterbach, cut out all the middle men who don't understand the seriousness of the matter. ;)
  2. daveenty

    Happy Birthday, s500colin

    All the best Col, missed you at BotG this year, hopefully next time. :)
  3. daveenty

    Rare ML55 AMG.

    Not sure where your data came from but, as there are currently 5 for sale on eBay, and a good few owners on here, I'd be tempted to ignore it... ETA: Just found another on Auto Trader and giving up now. There are definitely more than 4 about.
  4. daveenty

    Desperately seeking ME2.0/M2.1 maps, anything will do

    The only people I can think of who would have this sort of data are some of the tuners on here. Obviously MSL Performance and Big Fish Tuning spring to mind but there are several others who deal with this sort of thing on a regular basis. I'd be tempted to ring MSL and ask the question of them.
  5. daveenty

    New Forest Meet

    If I'd know that the three amigos would be attending I'd have tried a bit harder to get there myself Matt. ;) Seriously though, it's too far for me at the moment and unless it coincided with the revamped Benz on the Green it was never going to happen. I hope that everyone has a good day and...
  6. daveenty

    Catylic Converter Removal G63

    How many cats are there on this car? I know that my old E63 with the M157 only had one per side and, when they were replaced with straight downpipes, I got a check engine light until it was mapped out. If there are two per side then you'll probably get away with it. As for the benefits, it's...
  7. daveenty

    These came today.

    They've been using these Star/Flower type for some time now but I don't think that they're yet commonplace. I think they were a standard fit on the Maybach models and the odd S type a good few years ago. I've had them on my last two cars, a 2017 E63s & the current S63, and it's annoying having...
  8. daveenty

    R129. Rusted metal line. Which part is it?

    This does sound more logical so I'll take back my earlier response. :) I'll still stand by repair as opposed to replace if at all possible though... Agreed, see the above.
  9. daveenty

    R129. Rusted metal line. Which part is it?

    Although not familiar with the R129, that looks remarkably like an anti roll bar to me. If it is, basically a solid bar, then don't bother replacing, a good rubbing down first, then etch primer and black gloss will have it looking as good as new.
  10. daveenty

    Unusual (but brilliant) Covers

    As Mr Nemesis asked for unusual covers, I thought I'd try to oblige with one of my favourite songs from an embarrassingly long time ago. (1971 apparently) I've been reliving my past life over the last few months and, whilst going through some old vinyl, came across American Beauty which is...
  11. daveenty

    Mercedes Me Collision Delete

    Well it's now gone, hopefully for good. They didn't make it easy for me though. First it wanted a PIN which it's never asked for before so I made one up for it. It seems to have accepted that OK but then,after deleting the warning, I just got the spinning wheel of doom for ages. I eventually...
  12. daveenty

    Mercedes Me Collision Delete

    About time to be honest. Mine's been bugging me since April with notification. All I did was let it down from the lift a bit too quickly and every time I've opened the app since it's been there. It's certainly taking a while to delete but hopefully will stop it once and for all. This was the...
  13. daveenty

    SL55 Tuning - what do you recommend?

    Not dreamt it and correct with the name as well. ;) @ChrisA is the person you're thinking of, the car being "The Black Death" which was a name endearingly given it by @Lee C63 :) It went a little bit over the maximum safe threshold of power and died a sad death unfortunately, as can be seen...
  14. daveenty

    Is Rubellite Red One of The Nicest Reds "In The Wooorld"

    I nearly specced my current one in it. After a lot of thought, I got it down to that or Anthracite Blue, so decided to sleep on it as there was no rush at the time. As it happens they stopped offering the Rubellite on the S Class for MY2020, so my decision was simplified and Anthracite it was/is.
  15. daveenty

    W212 E63 face lift carbon rear diffuser.

    Not a lot of time this morning due to other commitments but THESE PEOPLE are very good to deal with and have the part you desire, hopefully on the link I provided. It's in Germany and won't be cheap but will be of high quality. Oh, and welcome to the forum. :D
  16. daveenty

    horn goes off randomly while driving

    To be honest I'd be more concerned about the state of the wiring which is enabling the car to do all this. It definitely needs a dose of looking at and I'd be back to the supplier with it to ensure it's not going to burst into flames...
  17. daveenty

    Any suggested AMG specialists in the Manchester area?

    I live in N Manchester and would only use MSL Performance in Birmingham. Have been doing for years in fact. Yes, it's a bit of a drive but they know AMGs inside out and the customer service is spot on.
  18. daveenty

    Back in a M-B

    Well done Ben, a lovely car you have there. I know that @simon1966 deliberated a long time before eventually selling but it's hopefully now going to get used a bit and he can just drive around in his van. ;)
  19. daveenty

    500 SEC, needs a bit of looking at...

    Well, it ended up going for £8,886.00 which, given the state of it, I'd class as optimistic. When you could buy THIS ONE for c£8k or THIS ONE for around £9, then the one in the original advert does seem a tad overpriced. Both need spending on but they're up and running which is a start I suppose.
  20. daveenty

    500 SEC, needs a bit of looking at...

    Have you seen the other stuff he's now uploaded? The Merc looks positively cheap. :D
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