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    Will a 202 interiour fit in a 201????

    The W202 chassis was evolved from the W201. They do not share many common parts. Steering box is not interchangeable. Although the design is very similar. Some rear control arms are, but they are also interchangeable with a wide variety of later mercs. The W201 was the pioneer for the multi...
  2. V12

    Diamond cut wheels - Refurb possible?

    It was just a general statement and wasn't to include every wheel, situation and company. I agree that 2mm is excessive but a lot of firms do take off a huge amount just because they are pushed for time and/or the operator isn't as skilled as he could be. Unfortunately for the consumer...
  3. V12

    Where to get a Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich?

    http:// The Rockstone in Southampton. Named "uncle Phil" on their menu and at £13.95 wasn't sure if that was good or not but it was massive and cooked to perfection...
  4. V12

    Real World Ownership of a W220

    Long overdue update. Car is in winter mode. 17" W221 wheels and Pirelli winter tyres. I put them on quite a while ago before the short cold snap came. The car has noticeable tyre noise compared to the wider, lower profile 18" Continental summer tyres. Surprising to go from old, very worn tyres...
  5. V12

    New Merc Tesla rival and GT4?

    Up until recently Daimler held a stake in Tesla and were technical partners. Underneath the Tesla you will find suspension very similar to the E class. Inside the Tesla you will find all Mercedes switchgear. It seemed that MB were contributing all the 'traditional' car components and Tesla the...
  6. V12

    Windows 10

    That's what I always say about the S212...Mercedes should have just stuck with the S124...
  7. V12

    R231 SL Facelift Offical Shots

    Finally they fixed that awful front end!
  8. V12

    She wears it well...

    Good spec! Have you polished the headlamps yet?
  9. V12

    MB still fitting run flats to MY16 W205 C Class

    MB have been using RFTs on select models since 2006 unfortunately.
  10. V12

    Anyone got BOSE Solo or equivalent?

    Very surprising. We have a Denon UD-M50 in the kitchen and UD-M30 in the office and both have been excellent for well over 10 years. I've always held high regard for Denon.
  11. V12

    C class 220d with £10k discount from drivethedeal

    I'll do 5000% APR, just because you're a fellow forum member.
  12. V12

    C class 220d with £10k discount from drivethedeal

    C class in title, E class in body?
  13. V12

    R Class --- should I buy one ?

    The 2 captain style middle seats are the best bit of the R class for me. Not the most practical, but nice to be a passenger in one of those.
  14. V12

    s211 e500 7spd

    7g on S430/S500 and E500 from late 2002.
  15. V12

    Bought an R129 unseen - a Cautionary Tale...

    Let's be honest...buying a 20+ year old V8 convertible Mercedes unseen was never a good idea. Heart ruling head at some point i'm guessing? Anyway, what's done is done, just have to move on and try and make the best of a very bad situation. Good luck. I remember seeing the car on ebay...
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    R Class --- should I buy one ?

    S211 is better in almost every way. My mother has a R320L cdi and has had for several years. Hers has been pretty reliable on the whole. Airmatic compressor, 1 rear strut, glow plugs and then consumables and servicing for the last few years. As stated, it eats brakes and tyres. It's just not...
  17. V12

    W213 E-Class Spy Shots

    HUD looks much clearer and brighter than other cars i've seen in person. Wonder what it will be like in normal daylight driving.
  18. V12

    1970 Mercedes-Benz C111-II - Jay Leno's Garage [YOUTUBE HD]jk4H1eV9JuY[/YOUTUBE HD] These test cars have always fascinated me.
  19. V12

    help with w124 part

    Is there a treasure map on the back of it?
  20. V12

    The New E55k Estate

    This thread is a good reality check for the forum. Nearly every 10 year old+ car will be like this one in my experience. Whether it's bought from a dealer or a private individual, 9 times out of 10 there will be a list as long as your arm of things that could be improved or things that need to...
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